Restoration of Gıdı Gıdi Train is Accelerated

Restoration of Gıdı Gıdı Train was Accelerated: The restoration of Nazilli Sümerbank Printing Industry Factory and the historical 'Gıdı Gıdı' train, which became the symbol of Nazilli, were accelerated by the order of Mayor Haluk Alıcık. After the necessary maintenance, repairs and repairs, the 1945 Ruston brand locomotive, which was carried out periodically for trial purposes, did not work at the desired performance as a result of being old and not operating for many years. For this reason, it was deemed appropriate to obtain the necessary permits to be repaired in a more equipped environment and to send it to the 3rd FDI Regional Directorate in İzmir.

Making a statement on the subject, President Alıcık; “The historical locomotive fails from somewhere else when it is repaired and operated today. When the failing point is detected and repaired, it causes a technical failure from another point. There is a problem, in particular, from gear gears. We send it to the State Railways 3rd Regional Directorate so that the locomotive can be made fully usable without any malfunction. We believe that the technical personnel there will overhaul our locomotive and carry out the necessary maintenance and repairs.

I would like to thank the State Railways 3rd Regional Director Mehmet Bakır, Road Director Assistant Murat Soner Baş and Traction Manager Alparslan Kara for their help, since we started to communicate about the complete renewal of the locomotive. One of the wagons will be completely restored in the coming week and will be offered to our people for use on special days. ”

Günceleme: 27/05/2020 14:16

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