The frequency of flights in Izmir Metro falls to 90 seconds

Izmir Metro, the frequency of the 90 falls to the second: Izmir Metro, to respond to the rapidly increasing demand for the current operating frequency of 3,5-4 90 seconds to signaling system to be started to prepare.

The voyages will drop to 18 seconds after 90 months of software, hardware and test phases. In İZBAN, due to TCDD's line services, the frequency of voyages has not fallen below 10 minutes yet.

Trams, which are under construction for rail system transportation, subway, suburban line and new routes, will be the backbone of public transportation in İzmir. The increasing demand for travel, especially with the connecting transportation, caused new breakthroughs in the rail system. İzmir Metro will further improve the signaling system to further increase the current operating frequency. Signaling preparations have begun to operate on the existing line between Fahrettin Altay-Evka-3 with a voyage frequency of 90 seconds. The signaling system will be implemented after a software, hardware and testing phase that will last about 18 months.

The number of wagons, which was 2000 in 45, when Izmir Metro started its first voyages, increased to 2011 with 42 wagons purchased after 87. İzmir Metro, whose signaling infrastructure is suitable for a voyage in 2.5 minutes, carries passengers with this fleet at a frequency of 3.5-4 minutes. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality made a tender to purchase 80 new wagons for the fleet in addition to the doubling number of wagons in the metro, whose number of passengers reached 350 thousand from 95 thousand per day. With the production of these wagons, the number of wagons will increase by 2000 percent 15 years after the first voyages started in 400, reaching 182. The number of wagons will be enough for a voyage in 90 seconds.

İzmir Metro General Directorate officials said that these studies were carried out for the near future of İzmir Metro, which will be affected by the rapidly increasing demand for travel and the integration of transportation, as well as the growth of tram and İZBAN. The authorities, who stated that the current operating conditions will not be adversely affected during the preparations for the 90-second frequency project of the Izmir Metro, which will increase the frequency of departure with the arrival of the new metro vehicles, the authorities said that the investment related to the signaling will be 7 million Euros and that the tender will be awarded. kazanThe moment the company announced that it will be carried out by “Bombardier Signalling”.

The frequency of voyages in the metro will be every 1.5 seconds after 90 years. However, the İZBAN line, which is integrated with the Metro, cannot travel in less than 10 minutes. Due to the TCDD's regional and freight trains running on the same line, the frequency of the trip could not be increased. The Metropolitan Municipality suggested that freight trains run at night, passenger trains make the last stop in Menderes and Menemen, and passengers should be transported by İZBAN or buses. TCDD has not yet made a positive decision on this matter. İZBAN, which carries passengers on the 80-kilometer line between Aliağa and Menderes, will soon be extended by 30 kilometers with the opening of the Torbalı line.


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