Elvan, domestic high speed train will be on the rails in 2019

Elvan, the local high-speed train will be on the rails in 2019: Former Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Lütfi Elvan said, "We will launch the local high-speed train in 2019".

Former Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Minister Lütfi Elvan Bloomberg made evaluations at HT. Elvan said that the domestic high-speed train will land on the rails in 2019.

Elvan said they will focus on motorways in the new period and stated that the works for the motorway project connecting Ankara to Niğde have reached the final stage and that a tender will be made before the New Year.

Noting that they will start the construction of the highway project connecting Mersin to Silifke, Elvan also mentioned other highway projects. Elvan said, “We will put out a tender for the project that connects Ankara, one of our important projects, from Kırıkkale to Delice. In this region, there is a density of 30 to 40 thousand vehicles a day, we want to relax between Ankara and Kırıkkale. Our other important project is the highway project connecting İzmir to Çandarlı, which will be put out to tender in 2016 ”. Elvan stated that there will be a tender for 4 highway projects immediately.

Ölçü Istanbul tunnel project of 3 floors will significantly reduce traffic “

Stating that the country will be equipped with high speed train lines from north to south from east to west, Elvan emphasized that they will bring the high-speed train to the rail in 2019. Elvan also noted that Turkey's first domestic communications satellite Turksat 6a begin construction.

Elvan, another project, the 3 Katli Istanbul Grand Tunnel will significantly ease the traffic in Istanbul, he said. Elvan, X 3 from below the Bosphorus after Marmaray and Eurasia. will be a first in the world, will perform a transition. 1 of the tunnel. and 3. There will be a high-speed train and metro system in the middle floor, and the 31 km metro line, which starts from the Anatolian side and cuts all existing metro lines in Istanbul, will form. Citizens will be able to reach the Asian side from one end of the European side yak.

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