Why TCDD does not question errors in railway investments

TCDD does not question the mistakes made in railway investments: errors in railway investments are beginning to emerge slowly. The final example; Ankara-Sivas High Speed ​​Train (YHT) line, Sivas section of the change in the route of the millions of liras spent wasted. The legs of the high-speed train bridge on the Kızılırmak were idle with the change of route. Expropriation and investments, millions of pounds of damage to those who cause, how to account for this planning error, I wonder?

significant investments made by railway in Turkey in recent years (rail) several times that major mistakes have been made in investment brought up from the corner. It is possible to collect these errors in the 3 header.

1) While investing in railway, Turkey's technological capability in rail systems kazanSufficient steps have not been taken in the development of the industry side to ensure In fact, the private sector's self-development was prevented by the public. In addition, problems came to the fore with the 4 main railway companies in the world operating in our country.

2) As there are not enough researches in determining the railway routes, problems have started to arise due to the projecting of the lines by taking into account the political accounts or the hometown of the effective persons.

3) Investing for railways, developing lines, signing plans and projects and opening tenders. problems occurred.

It is also possible to diversify the issues I have listed above, but it is necessary to find the main cause of its issue. Previously situated in the Transport Ministry of Railways, Harbors and Airports Construction General Directorate (DLH) with engineers, architects with, because economists with Turkey's involvement in this kind of infrastructure investment did not occur TCDD problems experienced by today. DLH has gone, and the role of this institution has been given to the relevant SEEs (TCDD, DHMİ) on the grounds that such investments will be made faster when the “General Directorate of Infrastructure Investments” has been replaced, the effect of which has been reduced. Thus, serious erroneous jobs in infrastructure investments also started to meet the public. Sivas should be considered as one of the flares…

Source: Günay Şimşek - I www.haberturk.co

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