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Giant projects are in full order: The third bridge, with its roads, is 65 percent complete. It will reach the end of 2016.

giant to breakthrough projects in Turkey; political uncertainty, terrorist incidents, tension in neighbors, global recession worries, and the rising dollar, it continues. Vodafone CEO Club meeting held in the context of the sponsorship of Turkey "Infrastructure Leaders Summit" was held. Important infrastructure projects such as Third Airport, Third Bridge and 4.5G marked the summit. IC İÇTAŞ Energy Group Chairman Serhat Çeçen, one of the contractors of Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge, said, “3. The bridge started to show itself both day and night. As bridges and roads, we have completed 65 percent of our work. I hope we aim to open it to traffic in the last quarter of 2016. Our current course is in that direction. We do not have a problem in this regard, ”he said. Reminding that they financed the bridge with loans from 3 banks, 6 of which are public, Çeçen said that they are currently building the world's largest bridge with two legs from land to land. Drawing attention to the importance of 2023 goals, Çeçen; Turkey has appeared over $ 500 billion of investment needs, in their technological investments, energy, transportation investments can be passed popularity of many parts.


Nihat Özdemir, Chairman of the Board of Limak Holding; Noting that the construction of the third airport, built with the Build-Operate-Transfer model, is progressing rapidly, he said, “Currently, nearly 2 thousand trucks and nearly a thousand equipment are working. “Employment, which is 7 thousand, will increase to 30 thousand in the following days”. Stating that they also solved the financing issue, Özdemir said: “We will quickly terminate the loan agreement this month. With the bridge loan of 750 million Euros, we continue the construction at full speed. In the first quarter of 2018, we will begin to land and take off planes at the third airport. We will have around 120 doors. We are about to connect the world's best luggage system. "

GÖKHAN ÖĞÜT: 4.5 thousand km fiber infrastructure for 250G

Vodafone Turkey CEO Gökhan counsel, "in April 2016. 4.5g technology with higher transmission speeds, greater capacity and quality of our lives will be more. Thanks to high data rates and low latency, our access to information will be accelerated. "4.5G, the harbinger of a new era in communication, will bring 5G right after it." Noting that a fiber infrastructure should be formed in order for 4.5G to be ready, Öğüt said: “There is a fiber infrastructure of 257 thousand kilometers in our country, whereas 500 thousand kilometers of fiber is needed. This investment requires a lot of resources, and combining it with private sector and public cooperation is the best solution. Turkey's infrastructure, engineering, technical equipment and consumer interest, we observe that it is ready to 4.5g'y many respects and we believe such a successful performance in next-generation technology. "

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