Kent Meydanı-Terminal Tram Line turned into a grand

The City Square-Terminal Tram Line turned into a bureaucracy: The construction of the T2 Tramway, which was announced for the City Square-Terminal, turned out to be a full-blown despite the tender.

Ultra Technology, which undertakes the project, has not been invited to sign a contract aside from not being able to deliver the place. Considering that there is no legal obstacle in front of them, the Bursa Metropolitan Municipality also wants to push the button as soon as possible, the situation is interpreted as 'meaningful'.

Serkan Inceoglu, the author of Bursa Domination, wrote the details of the striking development in its present corner.

Here is the article by İnceoğlu:

The start of the construction of the T2 Tram Line, which was announced for the City Square-Bus Station, turned into a grand in spite of the tender.
The result of the tender of the Metropolitan Municipality in June for the 10, the Public Procurement Authority does not count and ask for correction, the process has been a surprise.
2 16, which was not accepted for participation by the decision of the GCC, was excluded from 2 by September.
The project moved to Ultra Technology.
We have announced that KMN Construction of Öztimurlar Group of Companies, which has become a 'sieved' state, will file a lawsuit.
The remaining company 2 Oztimur Construction, Öztimurlar Group of Companies also lost the group, the group was the other company to open a case.
By the end of last month Geçen
President Recep Altepe stated that they were preparing to sign a contract with the new contractor and that the construction of the place within the 15 days would start with the construction of the building.
According to the latest information Son
Ultra Technology has not been invited to sign a contract despite the expectation of not being able to deliver the place yet.
17 As of September, the contract must be signed within 10 days, although the new company, Altepe also announced, the situation is interpreted as 'meaningful'.
The company thinks that the Öztimurlar can sue the Public Procurement Authority and not legally direct them.
The process goes troubled.

Source: Serkan İNCEOĞLU - is



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