CHP moved its suburban lines to Parliament

CHP brought the suburban lines to the Parliament: Istanbul Deputy Ali Şeker brought the suburban lines that have not been working for 2.5 years to the agenda of the Assembly.

Suburban lines serving the people of Istanbul on both the European and Anatolian sides of Istanbul after 1955 have not been operating for 2.5 years. The deadline for the last months of 2015 was given for the lines that were closed due to renewal. Vegetation has formed on the lines where no work has been done for months, station buildings are falling.

Istanbul Deputy Ali Şeker examined the situation by touring the suburban lines. Visualizing the deplorable situation of the Bakırköy train station, Ali Şeker brought the issue to the agenda of the Turkish Grand National Assembly by submitting a parliamentary question to the Minister of Transport Feridun Bilgin to answer.

Şeker, explaining that the infrastructure of the train lines has been damaged due to the fact that the infrastructure of the train lines has been left uncovered for the last two years, “The rain that has been falling for two years has also damaged the compacted and settled ground under the lines. Now more costs have to be paid when the line is wanted to be renewed. said.
Deputy Ali Şeker continued his words as follows: “The European suburban line in Fatih, Bakırköy, Küçükçekmece, Avcılar met a significant part of the transportation needs of the people. If the traffic has been going step by step on the E-5 for years, it is because the suburban lines are not working. TCDD and therefore the Ministry of Transport punish the people living in this region, especially the people of Bakırköy, for not getting votes. This should be stopped, the lines should be renewed and offered to the service of our people. "
Ali Seker asked the following questions in his Recommendation:
- What is the latest situation in these suburban lines as of today? What percentage of the project has been completed?
- It is clear that the project was not completed on time, and what are the obstacles to the continuation of the project on which grass and endemic plants are grown?
- Do the claims of the contractor firm that requested time extension reflect the truth?
- What are the sanctions and penal conditions that should be applied on a contractual basis if the contractor firm that takes the project fails to fulfill its duty within the time limit?
- Are the claims that a local partner is imposed on the contractor firm for the continuation of the project?
- Is there any exact date you can give unconditionally by your Ministry for integration to Marmaray?

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