Catch Seb-i Arus by High Speed ​​Train in December

Catch Seb-i Arus by Fast Train in December: Konya, one of the prominent cities of our country in faith tourism, is a place worth seeing with its Mevlana-specific museums, Seljukian madrasahs, mosques and tombs and green areas.

Leading the domestic tours, Konya attracts great attention with the Şeb-i Arus ceremony held in December. For this reason, there are various tours for those who want to see this ceremony. Şeb-i Arus tour with the opportunity to participate in the ceremony held in memory of Mevlana, you find the opportunity to discover the many beauty of Konya.

There are two transportation options for those who are considering joining the Seb-i Arus tour. You can reach Konya by plane or high speed train. If you prefer the high-speed train, you can arrive in Konya after a journey that takes about 4 hours 21 minutes from Istanbul Pendik Train Station.

You can start your tour by visiting the Mevlana Museum. In the museum, you can see the graves of Mevlana Celaleddin Rum - i and other Mevlevis, as well as the structure of Huzur - u Pir, Semahane and Masjid and manuscripts such as Sandukas, Sakal - ı Şerif, Mesnevi and Divan - ı Kebir.
The kitchen building called Matbuah and the Dervish cells and the valuable items that give hints on the Mevlevi life exhibited in these cells are among the things that can be seen in the museum.

Sultan 'ul Ulema, meaning' Sultan of the scholars'. Mevlana 's father, Bahaddin Veled' s grave is worth seeing. Visit the Sultan Selim Mosque, Üçler Cemetery and Yusufağa Library on your trip to Konya.
Enough to travel this much, if you say a little bit of our belly, lunch for the city's famous restaurants Kebapçı Şükrü'ye stop by. Here you can taste local Konya specialties.

After dinner, Hz. You can visit Şems - i Tebriz - i Tomb and Mosque, one of the most valuable personalities of the 13th century, which has an important place in the life of Mevlana. Do not skip the original works and madrasahs from the Seljuk period.

Turn your route to Meram Ties to relax with a bit of nature and relax. From here you can visit the Tomb of Ateşbaz Veli who is the cook of Mevlana. Then return to your hotel and get ready for the evening. After dinner, you can leave your hotel and visit the Şeb-i Arus ceremony. During the ceremony of Mevlana, you can spend pleasant moments watching Sufi music with the Whirling Dervishes.

The second day stops can be the Alaeddin Hill, Aya Eleni Church and Karatay Medrese. On the hill of Alaeddin, you can witness a spectacular view of the entire city from the hill. Karatay Medrese dating from the Seljuk Period is also worth seeing.

One of the most important centers of Anatolia during the early Christian period and an old Greek settlement in Sille is one of the most attractive stops. Here you can visit the Church of Aya Eleni.

You can have a lunch break in one of the restaurants in Sille and taste the local delicacies of the city. Don't forget to go out to the bazaar and buy souvenirs to your loved ones.

In the evening of the second day, you can go to the train station and move to Istanbul by YHT's 17:55 train. If you have never been to Konya and have an interest in mysticism, we recommend you to join Seb-i Arus tours. Within the scope of Seb-i Arus tours, you can see the structures unique to Mevlana and Şems - i Tebriz - i and meet the beauties of Konya.

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