Bus Services from Burulaş to Karacabeye

📩 07/12/2018 17:20

Bus Services from Burulaş to Karacab: Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, which has previously started the Küçük Sanayi-Mustafakemalpaşa bus services within the scope of the whole city, has now started the Karacabey-Küçük Sanayi flights.

Burulaş, the rising brand of intercity and inter-city transportation, added Karacabey-Small Industry with the line 901 to Mustafakemalpaşa -Kucuk Sanayi voyages, which it started recently under the whole city understanding. In Bursa, Burulaş continues to provide high quality transportation services in the city transportation area with its rail systems and wide bus network. Burulaş started the Karacabey-Küçük Sanayi flights following the recently launched Mustafakemalpaşa-Küçük Endüstri voyages. Starting the line with the number 901, Burulaş brought together quality transportation with Karacabeyl residents after Mustafakemalpaşa. Together with Burulaş, with the 901 line used by Üstündağ Tourism, both companies serve different departure times on the same route.

Burulaş'ın urban transportation, as well as all the city to continue to expand the service network to the district after reminding Burulaş General Manager Levent Fidansoy, "Burulaş as a citizen of our investments in the name of getting better quality services and work continues," he said.

Burulaş officials, who provide information about the working hours of the 901 line, said that the trips that will be carried out on a weekly basis will start at 08:00 in the morning in the direction of Karacabey-Küçük Sanayi and the last time will be held at 20:00 in the evening, He stated that in the direction of Karabey, the first time will be at 07:00 and the last time will be at 19:00 in the evening. Stating that the route of Karacabey Bus Station - Balıkesir Bursa Road - Küçük Sanayi Station will be followed, the officials reminded that two 2-pounds 'All Lines' magnetic tickets will be used and personalized cards over 4 years old will not be valid.

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