Bomb panic on the track

📩 07/12/2018 17:06

Bomb led the rails on the track: before the Ankara Railway last Saturday after the treacherous terrorist attack in the capital alarmed. When the bomb station in the metro station, the panic panic struck on the tracks. Measures were taken with the K-9 dogs at the entrances and in the stations.

Ankara Metro Törekent station in the evening after the bomb bombs, Batikent and OSB-Törekent between the mutual stops were stopped. In order to transfer to the direction of Törekent Batıkent station waiting for the panic among citizens. Eryaman, Sincan, such as the long distance to continue to provide passengers, alternative transportation to the station using the pedestrian exit left the station. The passengers going to the West Central station started to walk down the rail track and then walk down the rails. Among the confused glances of the surrounding area, citizens who were on the way to the subway, shared interesting photos on social media. On the subway line, about a thousand kilometers long area of ​​citizens walking through the viaduct, West Central station reached.


In the last Saturday before the Ankara Railway Station, the terrorist attack in which 97 was killed and the bomb panic in the Batıkent subway in the previous day, and the security measures in Ankara Metro were also increased. A large number of security guards waiting behind the turnstile passengers checked their bags one by one, while some security guards patrolled with specially trained K-9 dogs under the subway.


At the Ankara Station, where the bomb attack caused the death of one person, the suspicious package panic occurred yesterday. In the 97 queues, the suspicious package was identified by the employees at the Ankara Station protocol entry section. After the attack, bomb disposal teams were informed about the incident. The teams from the scene, the suspect detonated the package with a detonator. There was a brief panic in the vicinity of the gar, due to the sound of the explosion, while the food was in doubt.


  1. There was a strange weirdness in our country! In fact, it always says basit I'm a disaster iz. What about business management? How can they approve of such a catastrophe that invites such a catastrophe? In addition to the power transmission line as well as “any one who came out… We cut the energy nak say! This is the best example of what we have been left back to! Well; was there never a scenario of what to do in such a situation? If so; Is this the way it should be? Practical (! ??!) Practices that are plagued by conceivable consequences! May God give you reason. If we take the most modern technique, we cannot give up the way the song is operated. The accidents are shouting, shouting. When it happens, the poorest responsible are the scapegoats. But they're never responsible!

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