Train Flights from Diyarbakır to Batman and Kurtalan Restart (Video)

Train Flights to Diyarbakır and Batman and Kurtalan have resumed: Train flights to Diyarbakır and Batman and Kurtalan resumed after a 4-day break. Some train services have been restarted after a 4-day break due to the attacks of the terrorist organization PKK members. The train services, which could not be carried out in Diyarbakır, Kurtalan district of Batman and Siirt for 4 days due to terrorist attacks in Bismil district, started again after the measures were taken. South Kurtalan Express, which made the Ankara-Kurtalan expedition, continued on its way after a short break at Diyarbakır Station. - “We do not approve of the events” İbrahim Oran, one of the passengers, told the AA reporter that he returned after visiting his children studying at the university in Ankara. Emphasizing that citizens are victimized due to disruption of train services, Oran said: “People's freedom of travel is restricted due to the events that occur. I don't find this right. Passengers use the highway due to the cancellation of the trips. This creates additional costs. We want to live in peace and peace in our country. ”



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