Last Preparations for the Torbalı İZBAN Line

Last Preparations for İZBAN Line with Torbalı: Recent works are carried out in the project of extension of İZBAN line, which is carried out in cooperation with TCDD and İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, as the biggest public transportation project in the history of the Republic, to Torbalı.

The vehicle and pedestrian overpass project, which caused great reactions in Torbalı, was the first digging of the controversial project, which was brought underground with the initiative of Torbalı Mayor. The vehicle underpass construction located between Muratbey - Tepeköy District and at the intersection of 4543 Street and 3677 Street will cost 2 million 490 thousand TL. 100 meters diving, 50 meters road and subway line crossing and 100 meters exit are envisaged in the underpass under construction. The underpass width is 7,40 meters and the gauge is 5 meters. The project also includes a 2,5 meter gauge pedestrian underpass and a disabled elevator parallel to the passage. Although the duration of the underpass, which is designed as a piled system, is determined as 270 working days, the company intensifies and aims to complete the project in 90-100 working days.

Due to the underpass planned to be completed by the beginning of the year, the level crossing for the vehicle traffic in the region was opened and another transition was opened by shifting the 100 meter. Teams will work day and night to finish the project early. Company officials, trains said the transition will not occur in a transition.



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