Ardahan to be at the Key Point of International Railways

Ardahan will be at the key point of the International Railways: Ardahan's socio-economic status Ardahan University (ARÜ) Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences Öğr. See. . Economic Structural Analysis of Ardahan and Igdir Provinces: An Application with Input-Output Method ile by Abdullah Topcuoglu. Ardahan's agricultural, livestock, industrial and commercial activities were examined in depth. This study, in which the Ardahan economy was examined extensively and comprehensively, identified the indicators that would have an important place in the development of Ardahan. Lecturer. See. Topçuoğlu, Ardahan economy, which will reveal the cornerstones of the study will be opened with the Aktas Border Gate will gain importance in the foreign trade is a guiding nature, he said.

Ardahan economy and geographical conditions due to climatic conditions due to agriculture and animal husbandry. See. Topcuoglu stated that the border trade has been added to the economy of Ardahan and the Türkgözü Border Gate in 1995. Emphasizing that Ardahan could not benefit efficiently from Türkgözü Border Gate. See. Topcuoğlu, "and Turkey's continued construction of which will be the third largest Aktas Border Gate border crossing is expected to change with the fate of the province's foreign trade has been completed. There is a great opportunity for Ardahan to increase its share in foreign trade and to develop the city faster. Ar

Noting that Ardahan will be at a key point with the completion of the ongoing railway projects. See. Topcuoğlu, ında Considering the forward and backward links of the Kars - Tbilisi - Baku railway, which will pass through Ardahan, it is seen that the line reached to Turkmenistan with the Hazar pass after Baku and then to China. Behind Ardahan, this line reaches to Kars, Ankara, Istanbul, Bulgaria, Serbia, Hungary, Austria, Switzerland, Germany, France and then to England. This establishes the London - Beijing railway line. With the completion of this railway and its active use, Ardahan will become one of the connecting points of this important route. Thus, with the inclusion of Ardahan in the trade and transport activities to be carried out on this line, the speed of development and socio-economic status of the city is expected to develop significantly. Böylece

In the light of the data obtained from the study Asst. See. An article was created by Topcuoğlu. Ardahan's solution proposals for the development of the article was published in a bulletin prepared by the Ardahan Chamber of Industry and Commerce. Ardahan will continue to work on the economy of the Student. See. Topcuoğlu, Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TUBITAK) project said they would do more in-depth case studies found that approval of the application and project.

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