The explosion moment at the junction of Ankara Railway Station (Video-Photo Gallery)

The moment of explosion at the Ankara Railway Station junction is in the kemeras: Before the Peace rally in Ankara today, two separate explosions occurred at the meeting point under the bridge to the train station.

The Ministry of Interior announced that the 30 was injured in the explosions.

The wounded are transported to hospitals by ambulances
games played in Turkey continues at full speed. Again, before the election, the bombs are exploding again. An eyewitness: One of the explosions occurred where the halayers and bags were left.

According to the first information is said to be a live bomb. Blood announcements are made for the wounded in the rally area.

While the group gathered at Ankara Train Station and trying to walk to Sıhhiye, trying to gather, explosions took place on the sides of the underpass in front of the station where EMEP, HDP, SGDF banners were located.

The Arrangement Committee decided to end the rally. In the statement, "We are collecting our banners, the branch heads will safely transport the people coming from the regions to their cars." We will continue to convey the last minute news of the Ankara explosion.

Images of the moment of explosion during the peace rally were reached. When a group of people attending the rally haunted as “this square is the bloody square”, a big explosion occurs.

The rally committee said that the rally was canceled and everyone wanted to return to their home country by taking their own security.

2 explosion occurred at the junction of Ankara Railway Station. Numerous wounded reportedly, explosions at the 10.00 ranks in front of Ankara Train Station, which is the gathering place of the 'Labor, peace, democracy' meeting at noon. Rally In the explosion many people were injured at the rally. The explosions led to panic in the region. Police and medical teams were referred to the scene.


The blasts took place in the Youth Park area, where the group with HDP, trying to walk to Sıhhiye, gathered in Ankara Train Station to attend the rally. According to the first information, it was suggested that the reason for the explosions was the live bomb.

The Ministry of Interior announced that the 30 was injured in the explosions.


The decision of the organizing committee: We collect our placards and the branch heads will deliver the people from the regions safely to their car. There are incidents behind the walking court, a police attack. We will leave the area regularly.

DISK General Secretary Arzu Çerkezoğlu, who was connected to the IMC TV broadcast, said: “Arzu Çerkezoğlu: There was an explosion while the cortege was gathering before the meeting started. We have injured friends, we sent ambulances to the area. Our march continues. There is a huge crowd. Those who could not tolerate this tried to terrorize the rally. ”

Artists called for participation

Artists and union representatives made a press conference in Istanbul the day before and called for participation in the rally.

DİSK Secretary General Arzu Çerkezoğlu said, “Everyone who has been victims of 13-year AKP policies will meet in Ankara that day,” and actress Tarık Akan said “Let my laboring friends be with DİSK with great power in Ankara, regardless of the union.”



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