Live bomb panic in Ankara metro (Video)

Live bomb panic in Ankara subway is on camera: Incredible moments occurred in the subway 2 days after the explosion in Ankara ...

Fearful moments occurred when the subway proceeded to Batıkent stop around 18.00:2. The thought of a young woman as a live bomb was more of a disaster. He shouted 'Friend bomb,' the subway intertwined. At that time, XNUMX plain-clothes police officers stepped in and searched the man. It was not a live bomb, but panic was causing more disaster.

According to the images, a young woman suspected the man next to her, drawing attention with her worried attitude. It moved first. Then he shouted "Friend live bomb, friend live bomb". Suddenly, things got confused. The sounds of 'run away, run away' rose. There was great panic, the subway intervened. Those who pushed each other, tried to step on each other ...


According to the images broadcast on Beyaz TV, 2 plainclothes police officers came into play at the moment. The police, who pulled the gun, tried to calm the citizens. 2 plainclothes police searched the man who suspected the woman. He checked his identity. The man, who was suspicious of the woman, tried to convince him that there were no live bombs by opening the buttons of his jacket.


When everyone feared, the metro stops were stopped, the power was cut off. Security measures were taken, passengers evacuated. There was no danger but no one was convinced. Hundreds of people railed on the rails by lining up as rope.


After the incident, the statement of the woman who intercepted the metro was taken.



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