The solution to the closed railway problem from the AK Party candidate

AK Party solution to the closed railway problem: AK Party Aydin first row Deputy Candidate Mehmet Erdem, Germencik Ortaklar neighborhood visited the election. Citizens, due to the danger of creating railroad covered by the railroad by TCDD to open the area again on the phone TCDD Regional Manager spoke on the phone. Erdem, who got a positive response, opened the closed section to the crossing with an iron cutting shear.

Located in the entrance of the Ortaklar Train Station, Atatürk Street and Dr. The section connecting Mahirbey Street was closed with iron bars by TCDD last January on the grounds that it created danger. Evening pass through the lower passage of citizens in the evening, the neighborhood wanted to remove the iron bars on the grounds that the split. The inhabitants of the neighborhood who gathered the signature sent the AK Party Aydin to the first row deputy candidate Mehmet Erdem who came to visit him for the election work. Erdem examined the bars on the spot. Then he contacted TCDD Regional Manager to communicate the matter. With the approval of TCDD, iron bars were cut. Erdem was the first to pass the road.

Stating that the citizens are always by their side and will continue to be, Erdem said, “Our aim is; It is to support our citizens by supporting them and to eliminate their problems. It is to listen to its wishes and wishes within legal frameworks. I heard that the passage here creates trouble for the citizens. I came here and made observations. I met with our TCDD Regional Manager. Thanks to the room responded to our requests. He gave approval for the opening of this place. We opened this road for citizens to pass again. However, in the future, work will be done to build either an underpass or an overpass here. We have eliminated these problems of our citizens in the partners with the opening of this place. As far as I can see, everyone was happy about it. Of course, this made us happy too, ”he said.

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  1. What to say if the train multiplied by the cause of the investigation should be urgent to investigate

  2. Here you go! A more harmless practice, as well as politically-politically motivated uygulama What will happen when there is inevitably an accident? - den Sir, the mechanic and the train, the locomotive did not show the need to pay attention? Medi This is called an invitation to the fatal accident.
    It is true; Railways - Generally all roads - all kinds, especially pedestrian traffic, cuts, divides. For this, the problem is solved with substructure, overpass etc artistic structures. However, he was accustomed to constantly making a violation of the rules, especially when he was accustomed to go on a cut, asked the citizen who could not get used to passing the rules by extending the road a bit, but such a bullshit was unique to us. In fact, the problem of all backward countries, If the train transitions are infrequent, then a solution that provides controlled and safe passage is applied.
    Question: So how is the controlled transition application here? Is it with a barrier, with the attendant or with young people listening to music in their ears, sohbetDo you walk immersed or aunts who switch with a snail tempo with their cane, by the method of their uncle's attention?
    In fact, I think it is the smartest and the cheapest to put a flying carpet service in every transition place to this nation!