Mersinde Tourism 12 Will Live The Moon

Mardin Tourism 12 Moon Will Be Live: Çukurova Tourist Hoteliers and Operators Association (ÇUKTOB) President Murat Demir said that Karboğazı is a tourist destination by the Ministry of Tourism and is a chance for Mersin in terms of winter tourism.

Murat Demir, President of Çukurova Touristic Hoteliers and Operators Association (ÇUKTOB), said that Karboğazı should be turned into tourism as soon as possible in order for Mersin to come to the fore in winter tourism. kazanSaid it needed to be fired. Emphasizing that Mersin needs alternative tourism in order to develop the tourism sector and have a say in the region, Demir said, “Karbogazi is the most suitable place in terms of being a ski center in the region. The completion of the infrastructure, road and electrical connections of this place is also important in terms of activating the region. However, we have to attract serious investors to the region. With the incentive given by the state for the investor, investments in the region will increase and Karboğazı will become a serious ski resort.

Stating that they believe Karboğazı will make a name for itself not only with tourism but also with winter sports, Demir said, “We want to revive tourism in Mersin for 12 months of the year. In order to develop regional tourism, such places should be turned into tourism as soon as possible. kazanmust be lifted. It is also lucky that Karboğazı is very prone to winter sports, especially in terms of its physical structure. A preliminary report was prepared by the Ministry of Tourism on the possibility of building facilities with a bed capacity of 3-4 thousand in the region. It is of great importance to make activations and promote the region in order to start the investment. With the investment to be made, 3k track will be completed in the region in the first place. With the start of the Karboğazı Ski Center, the airport project, Tarsus – KazanThe Coastal Line Project will be integrated and will revive the tourism of the region”.

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