Not the fastest train requirement for long train to Thrace

Long train to long Thrace is not a must train: Economist-Foreign Trade Expert Yusuf Uzun, despite the increasing importance of Thrace every passing time; especially in terms of transportation remained far behind.

For years, Istanbul-Edirne railway transportation provided by the railway can not meet the needs of a qualification that expresses Long, the people living here; said he was tired of saying a black train song and urgently the high-speed train should be served to the public in this region.

Master politician Uzun, '' Istanbul, the connection with Thrace railway transportation as the years for the direction of Eminonu -Edirne is by train. Many of us may have used this line in our life. Thrace region; with fertile soil, the trade, the industry is in a position to significantly affecting Turkey's economy with the culture and animal husbandry. Due to this area of ​​Turkey's biggest industrial plant in question is a serious transportation density. Our provinces in Thrace region; Due to the fact that they have very large districts, technological opportunities at the transportation point have not been presented to these districts. Unfortunately, there is no terrestrial transportation between the districts and the provinces. Due to the fact that there are very large factories in these districts, intensive labor traffic is formed.

Failure of all industrialists to find qualified personnel in their sectors leads to large production disruptions. A worker residing in Istanbul; Unfortunately, these regions cannot benefit from the employment opportunities as these facilities are not comfortable. Istanbul's connection with these districts and provinces could not be solved by high-speed train. Our people 90 have been experiencing this problem for years. İstanbul - Silivri- Çorlu / Çorlu Çerkezköy / Çerkezköy - Palace / Çorlu and Lüleburgaz most important and urgent thing to do is single investment in Turkey. Transportation costs will be very low. It is an investment that should be made very comfortable due to the fact that the land conditions are very smooth. A person living in Istanbul Çorlu- Çerkezköy- Lüleburgaz-Saray -Kapaklı districts can find a comfortable job. With the fast transportation in this way, most of the population will be distributed to these areas via Istanbul. Thus, traffic in Istanbul may decrease by 20%. For foreigners, 10 is spent on a $ 1 billion national budget. ? All people living in this region should be evaluated. In the services to be made on behalf of the community, people's minds are examined first. Unfortunately, the services carried out through the brains are the other.

Instead of fusion, the decomposition element comes to the fore. Even worse, the spirit of conflict dominates within society. Political conflicts come to the fore. 90 political parties throughout the year in this country because all the rulers act with the logic of revenge and revenge each other in the field of service, development, administration, we are far behind. The main difference between us and European societies lies here. The fact that such an important issue (high-speed train) is not in the language of any party or candidate on the way to election is very significant and sad. We must wait another 90 year for the train to take the '' high-speed train ''. ? Our nation was tired of listening to Kara tren folk song and was fed up. I call all the authorities '' We as a nation want to say the fastest train in this region. ''

My declaration is that the representatives of the political parties are required to provide this transportation to these provinces and districts. All our people are announced, '' he said.

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