Kalaycı, I Have Always Protected Tram in Konya

Kalaycı, I have always defended the production of the tram in Konya: Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) Deputy Secretary General and Konya Deputy Mustafa Kalaycı said that Konya industry is capable of producing trams.

1 MHF Konya 1. MP candidate Mustafa Kalaycı, MHP provincial chairman Murat Çiçek and his party members continue their elections. Mustafa Kalaycı, who attended the meeting organized in the Private Industrial Zone, stated that he always advocated the production of trams in Konya.

Kalaycı said, “A system change is required that will provide our producers, industrialists with certain standards and affordable inputs. In other words, we should increase the competitiveness of our producers and industrialists, so that they can make more production, export more, invest more, create more employment. In this sense, the investment discount application should come again. In other words, an investment discount of up to 100 percent regarding investments with high added value, high technology and employment must come. What do we say; we always say high value added production. Frankly, I always advocated the production of tram in Konya. I am asking you, Can't Konya industry overcome this? Bursa Metropolitan Municipality was the leader. Production started in Bursa. And he became able to sell to Siemens. This should not be a big opportunity for us. When we say high value-added production, high-tech production, I believe that when we create the necessary infrastructure as a state and support our industrialists in this sense with both financial and incentive dimensions, Konya industrialists can easily produce this. The world is developing rapidly. Rail metro system investments became a necessity in every province. Turkey, especially our neighbors to get both our countries need to get the Middle East countries, the market in this area. It will contribute to our Konya with its sub-industry. ”



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