Bozdağ Ski Center was auctioned

Bozdag Ski tender was made: of Izmir Ödemiş avalanche and the fate of 2 years due to lack of maintenance abandoned Bozdag Ski Center, Izmir Province after the closure of the Administration, by the General Directorate of Forestry transferred 29 was put up for tender in the year. Tender annual 115 thousand pounds Aydin who won an undisclosed operator reported from Kuşadası District.

In order to be the Uludağ of Aegean Region in winter tourism, the Bozdağ Ski Facilities near Xantum in Izmir, near the Ödemiş district of İzmir, were operated by the Special Provincial Administration or tenant companies until 1994. In 2013, the avalanche was closed when the runways and ski lifts were damaged. The facilities were closed because the amount of 2013 million TL required for the repair could not be found. After the closure of the Special Provincial Administrations in 1, the facility was transferred to the General Directorate of Forestry. General Directorate of Forestry, the plant has filed a tender for rent for a period of 2014 years. 29, which was in Bayındır Forest Management Directorate, received the 5 bid in June. Two entrepreneurs failed to meet qualification criteria. Muhammen price of the annual 4 thousand pounds, the highest bid for the rent of the facility came from the introduction of Yakup Kadri Birinci. However, the tender was canceled due to the lack of renting of the ski lift and ski facilities together.

An operator from Kuşadası won the bid for 19, which is the new bid in October. No explanation was given as to who the operator was involved in, and how many people were bidding.

The result of the tender will be finalized after the approval of the Regional Directorate of Forestry. Ownership of the forest at the General Directorate of Izmir in the Bozdag Ski Facility located in County paid the hotel boundary and dining hall, 3 53 thousand square meters of indoor space, two-story building, chairlift, ski lift is located.