35 Izmir 35 Project is carried out with determination

35 İzmir 35 The project is executed resolutely: While Binali Yıldırım was the Minister of Transportation, the “2011 İzmir 35 Projects” announced in 35 are carried out with determination. It is stated that once the project is completed, İzmir will regain its special position in the world history.

AK Party Izmir deputy candidate Binali Yıldırım announced that the number of those started or completed in 60 projects, which was announced during the Ministry of Transport, costing 35 billion liras. Konak Tunnels, Adnan Menderes Airport domestic and international terminals and İZBAN Aliağa-Cumaovası line have been completed. 25 Binali Yıldırım, who made special statements to Sabah about the project, said, “35 Projects will add value to İzmir and prepare the city for the 35 vision. Additions will definitely be included in them. 2023 started. Some of these 25 have also been completed. I am a follower of these projects. I will continue to follow these projects as Izmir deputies in the new period. We aim to complete projects by 25. When their projects are finished in 2023, İzmir will be in a very different position. Izmir port, with its airport, connection roads and logistics center, will regain its former importance in Europe and Asia as in the past. ”


Selçuk Sert, President of 35 Project Movement Association, which was established to better explain “35 Izmir 35 Projects” to the public, said that when the Izmir-Istanbul Motorway is completed, the journey between the two cities will decrease to 3.5 hours. Stating that the length of the road is 433 kilometers, Sert said, “The investment cost of the project is 10 billion liras. The gulf crossing bridge is the fourth largest suspension span bridge in the world with a length of 2 meters. As of today, 682 percent physical realization was achieved in the part between Kemalpaşa distinction and İzmir. There is a huge construction work there. The investment continues. Izmir will be connected to Istanbul via Manisa, Akhisar, Kırkağaç, Savaştepe, Balıkesir and Bursa. ”


Emphasizing that the Izmir-Ankara high-speed train project is also continuing, Sert said: “Ankara-İzmir will take 663 km, 3 hours and 50 minutes over Manisa. It will take 624 km, 3 hours and 20 minutes via Kemalpaşa. Ankara-Polatlı line is finished. Currently in business. Polatlı-Afyon line tender was held. Site delivery and construction work continues. There is very fast construction work. Afyon-Uşak line tender was held. At the decision stage. It will start construction here as well. There are Uşak, Eşme, Manisa, İzmir and Turgutlu. Projects between İzmir and Manisa are finished. Tender studies between Menemen and Manisa continue. ” North Aegean Çandarlı Port, completed when said to be among the world's 10 largest ports Hard said: "Northern Aegean port of Izmir, the Aegean Region and Turkey's global markets will be an important gateway. Within the scope of the project, 300 million lira has been invested and infrastructure construction has been completed. Its superstructure is planned to be approximately 750 million euro. The project will be completed with the make-operate-transfer model. The capacity of the port will be 12 million TEU. With this project, the container capacity of our country will triple in size. Çandarlı Port does not have depth problems like Alsancak Port. Turkey's exports of $ 150 billion is supposed to be 500-fold increase in capacity for the removal of 3 billion dollars. This port will enable us to reach the export target. ” Providing information about Adnan Menderes Airport and other works, Sert said, “Adnan Menderes International Terminal with a capacity of 10 million passengers was opened in 138 with an investment cost of 2006 million euros. The new domestic terminal is operated with a 20 million passenger capacity and an investment cost of 245 million euro. 210 thousand square meters with a construction area of ​​the domestic terminal carries the distinction of being the largest in Turkey, "he said. Sert stated that 24 million vehicles passed through the Konak Tunnel, which opened on May 2015, 4, and the heart of İzmir was breathing.


Providing information about the Izmir Gulf Crossing project, Sert said, “The project will be 12 kilometers long. There are both road and rail systems in the project. The bottom of the sea will be dug and the tube will be immersed and covered. As in Marmaray, it will pass under the sea, not inside the sea. There will be a 4 km long private bridge, an artificial island in the sea, a 2 km long immersed tube tunnel, connecting roads. Total transit time is planned to be 7 minutes by rail system and 10 minutes by car. The project phase has been completed. He is waiting in the ministry for the construction tender, "he said.


2-Konak Tunnel
3-Izmir-Istanbul Highway
4-Izmir-Antalya Motorway
5-Izmir-Ankara YHT
6-North Highway
7-Sabuncubeli Tunnel
If you have chosen-8
9-Kemalpaşa Logistics
10-Kemalpaşa-Turgutlu, Ödemiş-Kiraz Railway
11-Gulf Transformation Project
12-North Aegean (Çandarlı) Harbor
13-Fishing Shelters
14-Agriculture and Livestock Industry Enterprises
15-City renovation and urban transformation project
16-E-commerce base
17-Adnan Menderes Airport
18-City of Information and R & D
19-Digital Archive Kent
20-Accessible life
21-Olympic stadiums
22-Izmir-Ankara Motorway
23-Izmir-Istanbul YHT
24-İzmir subways
25-Cruise Port
27-Ephesus Antique Port
28-İzmir-Çeşme Motorway
29-Medicine city
30-Vecihi Hürkuş Airport
31-Digital Library
32-IT supported life
33-Student life center
34-Seafood exchange
35-Agora and city center renovation project

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