3 from Generator. Energy Support for Bridge

Energy Support from the Generator Giant to the 3rd Bridge: Aksa Power Generation provides services with its mobile generators for rent in the rapidly continuing construction of the 3rd Bosphorus Bridge.

Aiming to become one of the world's largest economy in 2023, Turkey will carry this giant project target located between the 3rd Bosphorus Bridge, Turkey's leading company Aksa generator, offers energy assistance. Aksa Generator with Turkey's largest fleet of rental generators, 3. rapidly ongoing construction of the Bosphorus Bridge serves the rental of mobile generators.

The 3rd Bosphorus Bridge, one of the world's leading high engineering examples, will be the largest Bosphorus crossing bridge in the world, with a width of 59 meters. The 3rd Bosphorus Bridge, with its main span of 1408 meters, will also be the longest suspension bridge in the world with a rail system. Aksa Power Generation also contributes to the ongoing construction of the 3rd Bosphorus Bridge, which has been the first of its kind, with its rental mobile generators that can supply energy from 400 to 1200 kVA. Aksa Power Generation, which also provides energy support to the Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge, provides power to Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge, which is the new bridge of the Bosphorus, with a power of about 29 MW with 10 rental generators.

Aksa Power Generation Rental General Manager Murat Donmez, Turkey and said they were proud to be among the companies who signed the 3.Köprü is a very important project for the world. Dönmez said, “As Aksa Power Generation, we undertake very important works worldwide. As Aksa Power Generation Rental, we provide domestic and international rental generator services with our gasoline and diesel generators. We have between 1-3000 kVA Turkey's largest fleet of rental generators. Thanks to the sound insulation system, it is very important for us to provide energy support to the 3rd Bosphorus Bridge, as it is for many organizations with its extremely quiet operation feature and our expert staff. It will contribute to the completion of the challenging construction of the longest suspension bridge, which will connect Europe and Asia for the third time, and the rail system passing over the world. We share Turkey's 2023 targets. 2023. Bridge support we give to our country, which is one of the projects that will carry us to 3, Turkey will carry with a bright future, "he said.

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