Today in History: From 24 October 1922, when the Great Offensive began, 26 August to today ...

Today in History
October 24, 1870 The line extending from Sarımbe to Sofia via Nis, from Thessaloniki to Skopje, Mitrovica, Perelud, Sarajevo, Banaluka and Novi from the border with Austria was certified by the will of the sultan.
24th of October 1922 The entire Anatolian line (except Karaköy-Bilecik) and 26 km of the Izmir-Town extension line were put into operation in the 58 days that have continued since August 220, when the Great Offensive started. The repaired line is 150 km. The total distance of the repaired bridges is 900 m. The number of stations opened is 47.



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