Here are the dream projects to be launched in 2016

That dream project will be opened in 2016: Eurasia Tunnel Remove the tunnel with a total length of 400 kilometers in Turkey's projects will go into operation this year.

Turkey is the star of many projects, which will make the world a while a start, 'Imagine', which projects will also be engaged a few months later.

The Bay Bridge, which will reduce the travel time between Istanbul and Izmir, which is 7-8 hours today, to 3.5 hours, is about to be completed. It will start serving in the first quarter of 2016.

Following the Marmaray, which allows the Istanbul Bosphorus to pass by the sea under the sea, the Eurasia Tunnel Project, which will enable the passage of wheeled vehicles, will be put into operation in 2016.

Steep mountains, which make transportation by road a skein, will begin to give easy passages with tunnels called “endless”. The 12.6 km Ovit Tunnel, 7.2 km Scythe and 3.2 km Poplar tunnels will connect the Black Sea and the Southeast, the Mediterranean and the Marmara. 2016 will be operational with a total tunnel road tunnel in Turkey will exceed 400 kilometers.

Work continues on the 681 km long Black Sea-Mediterranean road, which will connect the Black Sea to the Mediterranean over the Ordu, Sivas, Kayseri, Kahramanmaraş and Osmaniye Routes. There will be a total of 25 tunnels between Ordu and Sivas, and between Sivas and Ordu, which takes 5 hours at the end of the studies, will be covered in 2,5 hours.

It will ease the burden of the Bosphorus

In the Eurasia Tunnel Project, one of the best engineering projects in the world, the main stage of the project, which consists of three main sections of 14,6 kilometers, is the 3,4 km long Bosphorus Crossing. With the Eurasia Tunnel that will serve on the Kazlıçeşme-Göztepe line, the journey time on the route, where traffic is very busy in Istanbul, will decrease to 15 minutes, and 130 thousand vehicles per day will exceed the continents. The project is carried out with a finance of approximately 1 billion 245 million dollars with the build-operate-transfer model.

Bursa-Izmir landed at 2

The 3-meter-long Samanli Tunnel, which has been largely completed within the Gebze-Orhangazi-İzmir Motorway and Gulf Crossing Bridge project, will be operational in March 591. Turkey's longest highway tunnel from which the Samanli with the İstanbul-Bursa 2016 hour, while the inter-Bursa-Izmir noted that in 1 hours. The Balıkesir-Manisa-İzmir section, which forms the second phase of the project, is expected to be completed in 2.

Light appeared in Ilgaz Tunnel

The Ilgaz Tunnel, which is expected to minimize traffic accidents and reduce the transportation between Kastamonu-Ankara to 1.5 hours, will be completed in April of next year. Ilgaz Mountain, which is the fearful dream of drivers, can be reached in 5 minutes with the 391 meter tunnel under construction. The Ilgaz Tunnel, which is expected to cost 8 million TL and open in April 572, will also be recorded as the largest investment in Kastamonu in one item. The tunnel, which is expected to save 2016 thousand 345 hours annually in average travel time and 655 million 8 thousand liters in fuel consumption, will bring 300 million 38 thousand TL to the economy.

Ovit, Turkey will be the longest

Ovit built as a double-tube tunnel, the world's longest 4. When finished with length, while Turkey will carry the distinction of being the # 1 tunnel. The Ovit Tunnel will consist of two 12.6 km long main tunnels. The total length of the tunnel will be 14 kilometers. Following the completion of the Ovit Tunnel, the route will increase its strategic and commercial importance with the completion of the 7 thousand 200-long Scratch Tunnel and the 3-meter-long Poplar Tunnel, which continues its work between İspir and Erzurum on the Rize-Mardin highway route. In addition, works are continuing in the tunnel construction that connects the Mediterranean, especially Antalya, with the inner regions. With the tunnels to be completed in 200, the total length of the tunnels, which have been completed in the last 2017 years, will exceed 13 kilometers.

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