Yenikapı-Sefaköy subway line approval from the ministry

Yenikapı-Sefaköy subway line approval from the ministry: Yenikapı-Sefaköy metro line project in the past weeks began the EIA process. Within the scope of Yenikapı-Sefaköy metro line project, approval was obtained from the ministry.

There will be 1 stops in the Yenikapı-Sefaköy metro line project, which will be realized with an investment of 673 billion 662 million 500 thousand 10 TL.

Yenikapı Sefaköy metro line, which is owned by Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality and Transportation Department Rail System Directorate project, The 13.95 consists of parallel tunnels that are parallel to each other in kilometers.

Yenikapı Sefaköy metro line project will pass through Fatih, Zeytinburnu, Bahçelievler, Bakırköy and Küçükçekmece districts. Yenikapı Sefaköy metro line will start from Yenikapı Station, which is currently available.

The Yenikapı Sefaköy metro line, which will be the continuation of Hacıosman Yenikapı metro line, is planned to be integrated into the metrobus line, sea bus and 5 separate rail line.

“Yenikapı - Sefaköy Rail Mass Transit System” As of 2043, peak hour capacity, quadruple series, 6 people / square meter, and motion acceptance with an interval of 1,5 minutes have been determined as 75.750 passengers / hour-direction. 440 vehicles will be available throughout the line.

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