Yama Mountain Ski Resort Will Catch The Season

Yama Mountain Ski Resort Will Grow to the Season: Yama Mountain Ski Center, which will enable the development of both skiing and winter tourism in Malatya, is trying to grow this winter. The work closely followed by Malatya Governor Süleyman Kamçı will end with the construction of roads.

The construction work of the Governor of Malatya, Süleyman Kamçı, has come to an end in the construction work at the Yama Mountain Ski Center. There is a hotel in the center of the cable car and 70 which is largely completed in the center.

If you start the activity, you will be able to use the ski center Sivas, Kahramanmaraş, Erzincan and Malatya. Located at the height of 2500 meters between Sivas and Hekimhan Yama Mountain Ski Center in the province will be increased interest in winter sports.

In recent days, a group of members of the press with the crowd of the Governor Kami Kamija, District Governor Tunahan Efendioğlu, District Mayor Aliseydi Milliogullari and District protocol members and Yama Mountain Ski Resort inspection by the Provincial Director of Youth and Sports Sadi Fındıklı and contractor had received information from the authorities.

Asphalt and extension works have been the biggest defect in order to bring the ski facilities to Hasançelebi neighborhood in accordance with the winter conditions, and in the last spring, the center will be active this winter season. As the altitude is high, the 1 center will be able to make a profit later in the month.