The Third Airport Project

Third Airport Project The Most Ingenious Project in the World: THY General Manager and Deputy Chairman of the Board Temel Kotil said that they are very successful that there is no new airport in Europe.

THY General Manager Temel Kotil and Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors, said that construction of new airport in Europe except Turkey, "the world's third airport project is ingenious, clever projects," he said.

  1. Speaking at the Istanbul Finance Summit Kotil, the economy would not be without air travel, aviation, and 3,4 percent of GDP in the world, thus indicating that associated with tourism, said this figure is watched around 6 percent in Turkey. an increase of 4,1 percent worldwide in 20 years while waiting for voicing 7 percent of this increase will be in Turkey Kotil aviation compared to other developed countries voiced in Turkey is more important.

Noting that Istanbul is one of the top 5 tourism destinations, Kotil said, “Better than New York. CNN International recently published it. 12 million tourists come to Istanbul annually. The success of Turkish Foreign Affairs is really important here. If you come to Istanbul for a day, you do not need a visa. You can get off the plane and get your visa by paying a few dollars. ”

Stating that they have about 300 beautiful aircraft, Kotil said, “Our Network is the largest network in the world as an international destination. We have 40 thousand employees. Our boss is our passengers. We are operating for our passengers. ”

Kotil said that Turkey's aviation is a success story, 5 million domestic passengers, the number of 48 million, 30 million in the number of passengers who said that all countries had risen to 131 million.

“We are very successful and proud of it”

Stating that 200 million passengers Kotil portfolio in Germany, reported pulling into a sustainable growth rate of the number of visits to Turkey after 2-3 years will be like in Germany.

Kotil said, “The Turkish economy will grow. Istanbul will be the largest center in the world in terms of airline and the number of tourists will reach 30 million. 30 million people means $ 30 billion a year. This will happen in less than 20 years. ”

Referring airports Kotil made in Turkey, "Turkey is no exception newly built airport in Europe. We are very successful and proud of it. ”

Noting that they have made new investments and ordered new aircraft, Kotil said that they constantly open new routes and trust Paris, China, Africa, the Far East and the world.

“Order of $ 3 billion aircraft”

Stating that they are flying to more destinations than any other airline, Kotil said, “We are not maybe bigger than them, but we are flying to more points than others. This is really crazy. Because if it is too big, you may lose control or money, but we have plans against them. Things are under control. Our boss is our customers. We are ordering an aircraft of $ 3 billion, "he said.

Stating that the most powerful airline in Africa is THY, Kotil spoke about the importance of developing middle class Africa. General Manager Kotil reported that they have been flying to Somalia and Mogadishu for 4 years, and that they have made profit despite poverty.

Stating that they cover the Middle East more than the companies in the region, Kotil stated that they connect Africa more than other airlines and they sell 10 thousand tickets every day from Istanbul to Africa.

“The third airport is the most ingenious and smart project in the world”

Stating that 222 new planes will come, Kotil explained that they should make profit while growing so much, that they have been making profit since 2002 and that the figures are good if they are not satisfied.

“We are successful because we work hard, 25 hours a day. Kotil said that if you go from the east to the bar, you can work 25 hours a day.

Kotil said, “I don't know if you know our third airport project, this is the most brilliant, smartest project in the world. 10 years ago our Minister of Transport has lowered a tax legislation and began to promote the airline's growth point in Turkey. When the new airport opens, it will have 70 million passengers in the first year. The government gave an area of ​​76,5 square kilometers and will receive $ 1 billion a year. It is a smart project. ”

Bostan: “Our country has important advantages”

Turkcell Board Member Mehmet Bostan said that China and developing countries will no longer be the driving force of the world. Developing countries will grow much slower than last year this year. This is really worrying when we think that China, America and developing countries represent 80 percent of the world's total growth. ”

Stating that they are not getting worried when the conjuncture in which they are involved, Bostan continued,

“However, in order not to lose our faith, I think our country has very important advantages. First; Our previous studies will give us an advantage if we continue structural reforms. Latter; Our developing financial sector with our population structure, strong banking system and alternative markets will constitute an important base for us in the next 10 years. ”

Bostan, according to the researches, noted that in countries where digitalization increased by 10 percent, 2 percent contribution was made to growth every year, and talked about Turkcell's work in this regard.

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