TCDD is in trouble with thieves

TCDD in trouble with thieves: Van in the Republic of Turkey in the last years of Turkish State Railways (TCDD) 5. Regional Directorate of the train rails in the case of a serious increase in theft, while the financial damage reportedly reached large dimensions.

In the 1968 built by the Shah of Iran, Turkey handed over to the half-century rail road, experiencing great difficulties due to the materials stolen by thieves in the past year. According to information received, previously the wood sleepers and stacks of iron stolen thieves, the teams formed by cutting the rails were reported to steal oxygen tubes. TCDD 5 for the thieves caught in the crime and caught in the crime. 13 case filed by the Regional Directorate of learning learned that, yesterday, a material around the 3,5 tone, two days before the Van Small Industrial Estate wanted to be sold in the 22 tone material was specified. It was determined that a special network was created for these theft events, and at night, this network took the rails with its oxygen tubes. TCDD 5 is worried about the risk of accident of trains traveling with the dismantling of the rails. Officials from the Regional Directorate said, “The old material is already going. People who have not been involved in the railway for 50 have been working since they were used to old materials since last year. These thieves increase these events because they see the money of the wooden sleepers and the pieces of iron. But now that wooden sleepers were removed, concrete sleepers were replaced. 12 and 49 have been laid on the tracks instead of 56'lik.

TCDD 5, who is now worried about theft of the new treadmill and theft incidents. . We are taking control of our line. In the past, we had guards. After the last bombing, we established the 'Road Guard System'. 10 meter of 1 rail is 1 kilogram. In small-scale burglaries, more sleepers were being transported. But those who are on the network are ripping off the big rails. Our concern is the new way to dismantle the parts we call the superstructure connection, and there is no system to hold the rail on the road. This is a great danger. Serious unpleasant damages occur. 50 has begun theft in a place that has not been theft. That's our greatest danger now. We want those who do this to be sensitive about this. Because they sell the material they sell under the floor of 50. We're going to go back and buy it with the numbers loaded. This is the material of all the people of Van emes.

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