Historic gar museum will serve as

The historical station will serve as a museum: In the Tekkeköy district of Samsun, a study was initiated to turn two historical buildings belonging to TCDD into tourism by turning them into museums.

Tekkeköy Mayor Hasan Togar, in a statement to the AA reporter, said that nearly a hundred years of registered station and lodging building in the 19 Mayıs District will be turned into a museum and brought to tourism.

Stating that the two buildings will be restored within the scope of the “Tekkeköy Nostalgic Park Project” to be realized with the cooperation of Samsun Metropolitan Municipality, they will create social living areas in accordance with the historical texture, Togar stated that they care about the project on behalf of the district.

Stating that the buildings that were used in passenger and freight transportation of TCDD and used as line and passenger landing stations and accommodation buildings are registered, Togar said, “We want to rent this area and offer it to the service of Tekkeköylü, Samsun. It was a dream that had been prepared for 10 years. We decided to realize our dream when this task was granted to us in the 2014 elections. ”

In the vicinity of the historic buildings, trees, trees, trees, trees, trees, trees, trees, forests, trees, trees, trees, trees, trees, trees and trees.

  • “Sightseeing tours will be made by wagon”

Togar said that after the restoration of the historical station building in accordance with its original, it will be organized as a exchange museum. We will also not raise the paved rail. "There will be 1-2 kilometers of sightseeing tours with a few wagons."

The project will be presented to the use of local people outside of domestic and foreign visitors. Togar said:

“We aim to bring a historical place to the city under the name of 'Nostalgia Park'. We prepared the project. We have come to the end of the process regarding the transfer and rental of both the Board of Monuments and the State Railways. After the process is completed, we will start the restoration work. When this place is completed, it will be a very different place where the citizens can have a pleasant time under the plane trees, and there are ornamental pools, recreation and playgrounds. ”

Togar added that the 20 annex covers the social areas where historical buildings are located, and that the work planned to be completed in 6 months will cost around 1 million liras.

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