Suburban Tatti at 2017 OK

Commuter Tatti is OK in 2017: There is no significant progress in suburban lines that were closed for integration to Marmaray two years ago. Stations became the workplace of graffiti artists, weed ran out in train cars. We asked the Ministry of Transport about the fate of the suburbs. According to the new calendar, the completion date of the entire line is the second half of 2017 ...

Sirkeci-Halkalı and the suburban lines between Söğütlüçeşme and Gebze were closed for Marmaray two years ago. Gebze-Halkalı The integration works aimed at establishing an uninterrupted rail system were planned to be completed in the last months of 2015. However, it did not happen. No significant progress was made in improving the suburban lines on both sides. On the Asian side, the old suburb trains were towed by TCDD to Haydarpaşa Train Station. Stations were the field of work for graffitiers and film crews. Istanbul's tens of years of morning-evening school to go to work on the train sets, wagons over the weed. But why did the work in the suburban line grow? When will the line be completed? We asked Fatih Turan, General Director of Infrastructure Investments, Ministry of Transport. Turan explained the details of the project, what has been done so far, what has not been done and the reasons for the delay and the project process:


Di The OHL company, the Spanish contractor, has offered 1 billion 42 million Euros for the project that will be implemented with the design-build model. The project starts from Gebze Halkalıto renew all suburb stations along the line, to remove three errors from two lines, in Gebze and HalkalıThe construction of the warehouse and the maintenance of the train maintenance. When they received the tender from Gebze to Pendik section they did for YHT line. We opened this part at 25 July 2015. The other line in which the suburban line will be operated is over the 90-95 ratio, and the work continues. Electromechanical systems such as signalization, electrification and communication within the Marmaray from the Ayrılık Fountain to Kazlıçeşme were also completed.

All suburban stations, from Pendik to the Separation Fountain, must complete their upturn. from Kazlicesme HalkalıThey have to finish the segment up to. Meanwhile, the archaeological remains were found in Küçükçekmece and in Idealtepe. The work on them is continuing. Contractor OHL firm, August 2014'de, 'We can not finish, give 400 million euros more' he stopped work. However, their bid was handed over and the price could not be increased. The company has the right to extend the right to extend time. There are two basic issues here. One of the stations in Bakirkoy is TCDD's tenant workplaces. He must be evacuated, demolished. Since TCDD's tenant went to court, they did not evacuate. For this reason, the Spanish people have the right to extend time. They were comfortable for that. However, the evacuation of tenants in Bakırköy is about to be finalized these days. In addition, the historic station in Göztepe should be kept hanging without breaking down three lines. Since the period for the decision of the Board of Monuments is extended, the company also has the right to extend time. Anıt


Turan, the Spanish OHL company told us that the search for a new partner: "At this point, the Spanish firm OHL 'local partner with you in working conditions found in Turkey,' the statement said. So they started negotiations with big firms. Full results have not been achieved, negotiations continue.

We are about to finish the job as soon as possible. If it goes to arbitration a new tender will have to be made, again at least 2 year will go. We intend to complete the company. They resumed work at May 2015. In the field there are close to 500. They work with different subcontractors. They're not easy. We are also supporting, we said, şimdi Finish the section ım. Biz


Explaining that the contractor company is preparing a new business calendar, Turan stated that the works will progress step by step: “We made a prioritization as follows. Let's complete this line in a way that will contribute to Istanbul urban transportation. Let us extend the Ayrılıkçeşme line on the Anatolian Side by 2 kilometers until Söültlüçeme. Let's increase the number of people who will use Marmaray. We plan to extend the Marmaray line, which ends in Kazlıçeşme on the European side, to Bakırköy. Our first priority is to extend Marmaray's currently running line. Our second priority is to combine the YHT line currently coming to Pendik to Marmaray as much as possible, to bring it to Kartal first, Kadıköy- Integrating it with the Kartal subway, then bringing the Söğütlüçeşme line to Bostancı, bringing it to Marmaray and completing the transition. From Bakırköy on the European Side HalkalıComplete the line up to.

They will bring a new work schedule on Monday and Tuesday. 10 will be the company's CEO in September. In May, they said, et If we suffer in accordance with the Spanish administration's decision, we will finish it. Mayıs In the interest of public interest, we will always act according to the interests of Istanbulites. Our upper limit is certain, 1 billion 42 million euros. The money paid to the company is about 450 million pounds. 600 stands for million money and business. Some of it was done but not paid. Our aim is to bring Marmaray to Bakırköy in the 2016 and to Söğütlüçeşme on the Anatolian side and to bring the 2016 towards Kartal. We're going to do the stage phase finishing. In the second half of 2017, it is all finished. Our goal is to take as much as we can open the 2016 as much as possible. Meanwhile, the currently decaying, graffiti trains are the old vehicles of the TCDD, which has worked previously. The new vehicles of the Marmaray line are under protection. Marmar


When the project is completed, subway lines and metro lines will be integrated into Marmaray. GebzeHalkalı There will be a transition between the companies. Gebze'den after the work HalkalıA comfortable journey will be made in 105 minutes.


The total line length will be 76 kilometers with the realization of the Marmaray Project. Gebze-Halkalı 2-10 will be made once a minute. It is planned to transport 75 thousand passengers in one direction per hour. The Spanish OHL won the 1 billion 42 million 79 thousand 84 Euro bid for the improvement of suburban lines. Company, GebzeHalkalı construction works for the improvement of suburban lines, electrical and mechanical systems will be established.


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