Sivas YHT Route Changed, Bridge Legs Are Idle

Sivas YHT Route Changed, Bridge Legs Left Idle: Yht route changed, bridge legs remained idle “It cost 4.5 million” The route change made in Sivas section of Ankara-Sivas high speed train line caused controversy in the city.

Ankara-Sivas high-speed train line in the Sivas section of the route change, caused controversy in the city. The high speed train bridge on Kizilirmak remained idle with the change of the current route. The head of the Turkish Transport-Sen Sivas branch, Nurullah Albayrak, claimed that millions of liras were wasted along with the price of the feet and the expropriation. Sivas Municipality, on the foot of the bridge to reach the group of villages announced that the bridge will be made.

The work on the 405-kilometer Ankara-Sivas High Speed ​​Train (YHT) Project, which was included in the investment program in order to provide faster access of Eastern Anatolia and Sivas to big cities such as Istanbul and Ankara, continues. In the Sivas part of the project, the station is planned to be built next to the existing train station. However, attempts have been made to change the route with the thought that this situation may harm the city aesthetics. The project route was changed with the initiatives of Sivas Mayor AK Party member Sami Aydın.

At the end of the negotiations, it was decided to include the YHT station within the Cumhuriyet University Campus with the project revision. Work on the piers of the YHT bridge on Kızılırmak due to the changing route has stopped. The piers of the bridge, which were claimed to cost about 10 million liras with the expropriation, were left idle and left to their fate.


Nurullah Albayrak, Head of Turkish Transportation-Sen Sivas Branch, who went to the area where the bridge piers were located and said that the issue was a country issue, recalled that the High Speed ​​Train Project was planned in 2005:

“In the vision of Sivas for 2023 that day, the high-speed train was planned to come to the city in 2010. But as you can see, every coming local governments and arbitrary practices or people who seized power in the administration were constantly zigzagging with arbitrary practices, going beyond the plan. In the present 1930s, a new station was planned next to the TCDD station building in Sivas. When we looked here, as the technical staff, railroaders and Turkish Transportation-Sen, we believed that this project should be next to the current railway station, which is the healthiest place, and that was the truth. In Turkey, where trains go fast when we look at the example of Konya, Ankara, Eskisehir and response of the existing railway station in Istanbul. When we look at the examples in the world, they took the high-speed train with the existing train, but when it came to Sivas, unfortunately, it drew zigzags with the support of political will and local governments. These are the property of 78 million. Nobody can throw my 1 cent money away. These cannot be wasted. The money of 78 million was wasted. "


In line with the information they have reached the bridge feet 4.5 million pounds that expresses the cost of Albayrak, a lot of the expropriation cost was paid stating that said:

“These are said to come out of the budget of TCDD General Directorate. All of these are thrown away; "No, we're planning elsewhere." Tomorrow, another one will come and it will say, "It is not gone, I am planning from here." Continuity is essential in the state. The decisions taken must be followed. "

Abandoned bridge feet will be used as a different way of expressing comments made Albayrak, said:

“This is at the top of the mountain, there is no development. This planning was prepared for the high-speed train, it would be used for that purpose. It is said that this place will be used differently, only with poignant words. The irons were left to rot, left alone. This money is completely wasted. This is the money that 78 million have paid from their taxes, which they have completely increased. I do not think the municipality will do anything, regardless of who it is transferred to. Because there is no zoning that he can go to soon. To soften the public a little in order to save the day, it will drag the event behind and allow them to be abandoned and decay after 4 days. "


Stating that they addressed to Parliament Speaker İsmet Yılmaz, Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Feridun Bilgin, TCDD General Director Ömer Yıldız and Sivas deputies, Albayrak said, “It is a mystery that the high-speed train, which is planned to be completed in 2010, will arrive in Sivas. The purpose here will cause the existing train station, the route in the region or the factories there to be removed in the future. We definitely believe that this route should be built next to the existing train station as planned, ”he said.


On the other hand, Deputy Mayor of the Municipality Kazım Özgan, who noted that the idle bridge piers will be transferred to Sivas Municipality, stated that they will turn the place into a highway bridge that will provide transportation to the villages in the region and said:

“On the way back from Çöken to Sivas, there was a bridge in Kızılırmak. We both have villages in that area and collapsed is a serious area. That is also planned. This bridge is in our adjacent area, we are in charge. Our transportation to that area was a bit difficult anyway. We will undertake the cost of this bridge and we will provide access to that area in the shortest way. It will not be the loss of the state and it will be in our business. We will take over under favorable conditions. They had expropriated before and TCDD will do it again. The expropriated areas will either be given back to the citizen or some of them will be used later. There is no loss. The bridge will not remain idle. It will provide the shortest way to reach the villages in that region. In this respect, it has become a very accurate project. "

The General Directorate of Turkish State Railways (TCDD) did not explain the amount of money spent on the bridge and the expropriation in the area.

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