Samsun Sivas Railway Line Will Be Closed For 3 Year

samsun sivas railway map
samsun sivas railway map

Samsun - Sivas railway line will be closed for 3 years: Samsun - Sivas railway line has been closed to train traffic for about 3 years due to the renovation works to be carried out.

1927 since the last flight in the line that served since 41601 passenger train did. Passengers and gar staff posing for photos, 5 3 annual machinist of the train is the father of the children, Ahmet Celik said today is the history of the train in front of the mobile phone selfie.

The modernization project of the Samsun-Sivas railway line was the largest budget project realized outside the EU borders with EU grants, while the EU grant for the modernization of the 220 million euro, as well as the local funding of 39 million euros were allocated.

The speed of passenger trains will be increased from 40 km / h to 80 km / h. The travel time between Samsun and Sivas will also be reduced to 9,5 hours. The daily capacity of the line will rise from the 5 train to the 21 train, while the level crossings will be made automatic barrier, while the platforms at the stations and stops will be improved to EU standards in accordance with the disabled access. On the other hand, in the restoration work of the annual Amasya gar building, the 54 has been allocated 88 thousand pounds.



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