Railway workers on strike in Spain

Railway workers go on strike in Spain: Railway workers go on strike at the call of Semaf, CGT and CCOO unions in Spain.

It is stated that the minimum service of 23 percent in freight trains, 20 percent in suburban trains and 75 percent in intercity high-speed trains is guaranteed due to the strike that started at midnight and lasts for 72 hours. Authorities announced that 353 out of 255 high speed trains will be carried out, and 527 out of 343 regular flights will take place.

In the morning due to the strike, there were no serious problems at the train stations and the minimum service was given as normal.

The whole trade until the end of 2019 by privatizing the operation of freight trains, the new contracts with the employees and the unions against the cuts, the negotiations with the Ministry of Public Works could not get results, decided to go on strike today.

Unions announced that if there is no improvement against their demands, they will quit on 11,14 and 15 September.



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