Port-Work Trade Union strike 4. expired


Port-Work Trade Union strike 4. Ended time: Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD), the Labor Union of Port-26. The period of the collective bargaining agreement on the conclusion of the strike today, the decision of the agreement, the agreement was reached on reaching the night hours.

In line with the decision taken by Liman-İş Trade Union, 3 has been going on strike from 00.00 on Thursday, Thursday at Vangölü Ferry Management stations in Tatvan district of Bitlis, which is carrying passengers with Haydarpaşa and İzmir Ports. However, as a result of the re-negotiations with the General Directorate of TCDD and the employer union TÜHİS officials, 04.00 agreed at night time at 26. It was learned that the signing of the Collective Labor Agreement was taken. In accordance with the decision taken at night, the 00.00 started the strike and the 4 hour ended.


After a positive result from the meeting held at night hours, the Port-İş Union, which made a written statement about the issue, announced that their struggle resulted in a victory and the strike was over.

In the written statement made by the Central Board of the Liman-İş Union, the following statements were included: “After our 26th Term Collective Bargaining Agreement negotiations covering our members working at TCDD Haydarpaşa and İzmir Ports and Vangölü Ferry Directorate, ended in disagreement, on 03.09.2015 at 00.00 in Haydarpaşa. Our Union, which went on strike at the İzmir Ports and the Vangöl Ferry Directorate, also continued to meet with the TCDD General Directorate and the employer union TÜHİS officials, and as a result of the negotiations, almost all of our demands were met on 03.09.2015 at 04.00. signed the agreement and decided to end the strike. In this Collective Bargaining Agreement, briefly: In addition to the hikes given in the Public Framework Protocol, a 26 percent increase in the wages of mechanical vehicle operators working at ports and an average of 10 percent increase in the wages of our members working at Vangölü Ferry Company. A protocol will be signed in order to eliminate the wage gap between those who were employed before 12 and after 1993, which is one of the biggest problems of the dockers and the most concrete example of the discrimination among the workers at the workplace in terms of wages. It has been decided to make a regulation in line with the request of Port-İş in the TİS article titled 'Compensation for Losses', regarding the recourse of the material damage costs in the workplace accidents to the workers. Social leave has been increased by 1993 days. Chef's compensation has been added to the Collective Bargaining Agreement. In such a short time, a great solidarity and kazanOn behalf of the Liman-İş community, we would like to thank our comrade unions, the press and our people, who supported our struggle that resulted in my death, for not leaving us alone in this difficult day. It informs you that you can follow the details on our website, our struggle and kazanWe hope that our victory will be beneficial to the working class of Turkey. Happy victory to the TCDD worker.


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