Passes With Private Vehicle Intensified Istanbul's Traffic

Those who set off with their private vehicles intensified the traffic of Istanbul: The increase in the number of those who started with their private vehicles caused an increase in the traffic density in Istanbul.

Although the new education and training period has not started yet, the congestion experienced in the last 1,5 month has affected the city life negatively. The intensity of traffic is expected to increase after the opening of the schools.

Istanbul Commerce University Transportation Specialist Dr. Mustafa Ilıcalı, in his evaluation to the AA reporter on the subject, said that 80 percent of the car owners who went to traffic went to work by riding their cars alone.

Stating that “traffic density in Istanbul in recent days is due to the increase in the number of drivers who set off with their private vehicles alone”, Ilıcalı argued that terrorism concerns might have a role in this situation in August.

Ilıcalı, who connected the main reason of the “traffic ordeal” to the lack of a sufficient rail network in Istanbul, said, “It was late in the transition to the rail system. The current 150-kilometer rail system was also built in the past 10 years, but at least 400 kilometers of rail systems are needed in Istanbul.

  • “Collective travel should be encouraged”

He pointed out that some steps need to be taken in order to stop the individual journey.

For those who share their vehicle with other people, free parking and a discount on bridge crossings can be implemented as a number of encouraging methods can be implemented Ilıcalı, said:

“In order for the traffic problem to be resolved permanently, Istanbul should have a rail system targeted in the medium term. The first thing the government to establish after the elections should be to solve the traffic problem of Istanbul. Because Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality alone cannot afford to build this rail system. Some legal arrangements should be made and some opportunities should be given to the municipality. Because the biggest problem of Istanbul is traffic. The problem of Istanbul is Turkey's problem. If the rail system is not brought to the desired level, Istanbul traffic will not be bearable. ”

Ilıcalı stated that there is an intense influx of visitors to Istanbul in terms of touristic as the schools are holidays and this increases the density in traffic. Drivers are more aggressive due to the heat. This angry attitude brings with it a violation of traffic rules. ”

  • “The rate of using sea transportation is not even 3 percent”

Ilıcalı stated that it is a great loss to never use sea traffic in Istanbul, which is a city in the middle of the Bosphorus, and said, “25 thousand of service vehicles pass through bridges. At least, an integration must be made for the service vehicles to use the sea. "The rate of using sea transportation is not even 3 percent."

Stating that another way to prevent traffic is “smart intersections”, Ilıcalı said that these intersections adjust the process according to the vehicle and ease the traffic.

Ilıcalı, citizens in the hands of smartphones are not very active in finding alternative ways to express their use, he said:

“Mobile applications that can be downloaded from mobile phones are very helpful in finding new routes. We should make it a habit to use these apps. We conducted a survey on 10 thousand people last year. 35 percent of the respondents do not use these practices. Even if 10 percent use it, it is not surprising that it knows it, it sees traffic accordingly. We should also use the technology more in vehicles by making use of GSM operators.

The Ministry of Interior aims to provide citizens with information about the road through their mobile phones by implementing interactive warning and control systems. Just as technology is used in air transportation, it should be used in land transportation. Also, the metro line on Marmaray and Anatolian Side is not preferred enough by the passengers. ”

Ilıcalı also mentioned the intensity experienced in the metrobus and said, “Metrobuses carry 1 million passengers a day, more than expected. There is not much to do about this. It has filled its capacity. Alternative of metrobus, rail system. That's why the metro needs to go everywhere. ”

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