Metrobus road asphalt rant gate

Is the metrobus road asphalt rent gate: The asphalt, which has to be renewed every year, of the metrobus, which bears the burden of Istanbul, brought along the claims. Other reasons are sought under the absence of the correct asphalt for 8 years.

The asphalt, which had to be renewed every year, brought the burden of Istanbul and brought the claims. Other reasons are sought under the absence of the correct asphalt for 8 years.
Metrobus, which has been the focus of the discussions since the project phase, is now on the agenda with its asphalt, which has been dismantled and dismantled every year. The bir lifeblood ”metrobus road of Istanbul transportation is renewed once again. Daily passenger carrying capacity 700 is the cost of renewal of the line based on thousand 65 million 931 thousand 465 pounds.

The metrobus line, which cost 366 million liras and the first one opened in May 2007, began to crack, collapse and rupture on asphalt before one year. Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, which will be renewed to 65 million TL, attributed these collapses to "more than 2009 thousand brakes every day at the same point due to the progress of metrobuses in line". However, for the eight-year metrobus line, there is still no suitable asphalt to handle these conditions.

A renewal work is underway on the Metrobus road this year. İBB awarded the renovation work to its own company, İSFALT. The metrobus road, which covers 52 stations with a length of 44 kilometers, and asphalt renewal will cost 65 million 931 thousand 465 pounds.


Metrobus road is paved every year, but emphasized that this asphalt deteriorated after a month CHP Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Council Member Hakim Right, 2009 opened the year in the example of the metrobus stop Altunizade bu 15 days ago asphalt poured, was pit. This is an asphalt cast, which lasts for a month. Kadir Topbas, Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality, does not know this work, implements a wrong method, defective defective materials are used or there is a new one in this work we do not know, Başkan he says.


Stating that the material used in the asphalt is not capable of carrying 60 tons of cargo, Sağlam said, “40 and 60 tons of vehicles pass through that road. The materials purchased by İSFALT are not suitable for that route and quality materials are not used. Some of these materials are purchased from outside. That's why the road is broken. If asphalt is pouring in quality and thickness, the asphalt should not be spoiled. It is either not of the thickness said or of the desired quality, and it cannot bear the weight, it melts and slips. ”


An ISFALT official says that the Metrobus line is a much busier route than all similar roads in the world, and that the distortions in the road are related to this intensity,
CHP asks Robust; “As the density of the road increases, the pressure is increased, did you ever see an airstrip that collapsed in a year? All these are funny defenses. ”


Stating that CHP Municipality Council Member Hakkı Sağlam paid millions of lira to the İBB's prime advisor, “Mr. Topbaş paid a consultancy fee of 2009 million lira to the asphalt consultant Serdar Kepenek. When our chairman asked what is this, he made the claims, "he was my asphalt consultant," he replied.

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