Tuzlaliler met with nostalgic train

Tuzla met with the nostalgic train: Nostalgic Tren, which serves between Tuzla Marina and Tuzla İDO Pier, started its free service.
Nostalgic Train, the Kurban Bayramı before the expedition began on the coast of Tuzla. The Nostalgic Train, which organizes a ring trip between the Tuzla Marina and Tuzla IDO pier, is located between 1,5 and 12.00 every day. Nostalgic Train advancing on the newly-laid rails on the coast of Tuzla is moving at a maximum speed of 21.00. Nostalgic Train, which performs every time in 15 minutes, serves with the green sensitive engine. The Nostalgic Train is capable of carrying 12 people in the 2 wagon. Tuzla citizens, Nostalgic Train began to perform their first journey.
Mayor of Tuzla Sadi Yazici, Nostalgic Train will increase the circulation of people on the beach, added to the commercial life will add value.



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