Tramway on construction site

Tramway site last bitpazarı days: Sekapark to be built between the bus station between Izmit Tramway, while the construction site is not running yet the flea market continues to be established last.

For the construction of the tramway road between Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality and Sekapark-Otogar. In the construction of the tramway which will be started by the east, it is tried to overcome the problems related to the expropriations in the western part.

With the establishment of the tramway construction site, it was the end of Bitpazarı, which was established on Wednesdays every week in this region. Bitpazari was founded yesterday, perhaps for the last time. Formerly established on Thursday in the field of Thursday Market, and later moved to the back of the bus station where the next Bitpazarı'nın is unknown.



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