Studies on the Bay Bridge accelerated

📩 07/12/2018 16:51

The work on the Bay Bridge was accelerated: the Gebze Orhangazi İzmir Highway Project, which is the most important part of the Gebze Orhangazi İzmir Highway Project, which will reduce Istanbul between Izmir and 3,5 hours, accelerated the works.

The cat path, which was reassembled after the accident in March, and the workers and engineers would walk on, was completed outside the railings. After the feast, the company will work with the 24 hour shift system and start shooting the main cables that will carry the tables.

The Bay Bridge is one of the most important stages after the feast. In recent months, Dilovası, and Yalova has been completed the asphalting of the roads in both directions, in the construction of bridges placed in the viaducts of Hersek on the side of the nose.


In the bridge construction, the main cables that will carry the vehicles will be taken after the holidays. At present, the cables in the special packaging of the bridge in the area where the Dilburnu feet, made of a special stainless steel cables began to be removed. The producer will be working on the 24 watch basis for shifts after the holidays.


At the end of this year, the bridge is planned to be completed and opened to service, but due to the accident in March, the bridge that opened next April or May; Yalova, Bursa and the direction of the Aegean holiday or business travelers often go to the Gulf of Izmit as before, will not wait in the queue of the ferry.

A vehicle that will come out of Gebze and enter the bridge will be able to reach Xnumx in Bursa, which is the 1,5 hour by 15 hours. The transition time from the bridge will be 5-6 minutes. The traffic density of the D-100 Highway between Izmit-Gebze and the D-130 Highway will decrease in both ferry piers and TEM and D-XNUMX Highway.

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