Istanbul-Edirne High Speed ​​Train Project Didn't Care About People

Istanbul-Edirne High-Speed ​​Train Project People did not care: Istanbul-Edirne High Speed ​​Train Project to be held between the EIA report Edirne did not show interest. Edirneliler said, in Let the train be said before the train arrives Edir

İstanbul Halkalı A public consultation meeting was held within the scope of the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) process for the High Speed ​​Train Project, which will travel on the 229-kilometer route between and Edirne Kapıkule. Speaking at the meeting, where Edirnelians did not show interest, Abdullah Bülbül, Deputy Provincial Director of Environment and Urbanization said, "I would wait for this hall to be filled".

Under the coordination of the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communication, Department of European Union (EU) Investments and under the control of TCDD General Directorate, Istanbul Halkalı The EIA process was shared with the public in the approximate 229 km high-speed train project, which will be completed at Edirne Kapikule station.

Approximately 54 kilometers of the high-speed train line will pass through the borders of Edirne province and the province within the boundaries of the two stations, including Edirne Central and Kapikule to participate in the public participation meeting, Provincial Directorate of Environment and Urbanization and the project will do the company from the people of Edirne very few attendance from the people it was.


Abdullah Bülbül, Provincial Director of Environment and Urbanization made the opening speech of the meeting, pointing to the low number of participants in the hall; “I would love to have this hall full of stuff. Because this is a very nice investment. Çünkü Provincial Director Bulbul ın In accordance with the EIA regulation, a facility affects the environment on behalf of the organization, how to take precautions, we stand on them. So we share this report with our people not only from the technical point of view, but also by taking their opinions. Here you can also be the plus-minus your views will be. On the other hand, our high-speed train line includes 4. Istanbul, Tekirdag, Kirklareli and Edirne. A road about 229 kilometers. Our hope here is going to be this way. I hope for the province and our region is conducive to charity. These investments are good for the region of investments. Bu


At the meeting, the high-speed rail line will make the Grontmij company officials told the EIA and construction process of the line. In order to determine the environmental characteristics of the railway route in the ongoing EIA process, the determination of surface water quality, determination of air quality, background noise measurements in nearby settlements and station areas, terrestrial and aquatic flora-fauna studies and soil quality studies carried out by authorities indicating that the measures to be taken during the studies de shared.

İstanbul HalkalıThe 229-kilometer Edirne leg of the 54-kilometer route that will start from will be as follows;

In Havsa, 100 meters from Naipyusuf, 900 meters from Kabaağaç, 600 meters from Kuzucu, 90 meters from Abalar. In the Center, 600 meters from Tayakadın, 90 meters from Avrupa Kent Konutları, 500 meters from Kocasinan, 60 meters from İstasyon Mahallesi, 1 meters from 720st Murat, 20 meters from Talatpaşa, 20 meters from Dilaver Bey , 160 meters from Yıldırım Bayezid and 70 meters from Yenikadın.

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