Ghost Nazi Train Under The 50 Meter Of The Ground

📩 07/12/2018 16:44

Ghost Nazi Train is 50 meters below ground: Two treasure hunters who appeared on TV released satellite images that they claimed belonged to the gold-filled “Nazi Train”. It was announced that the images were taken 50 meters under the ground

The debate about the lost train full of gold that the Nazis wanted to miss from the Red Army 70 years ago continues. The treasure hunters Piotr Koper and Andreas Liechter, who claimed that the Nazis hid a train loaded with gold in the Second World War under the Ksiaz Castle in the city of Walbrzych, repeated his claims on a TV broadcast in Poland. Stating that they can prove their claims with evidence, the duo also shared a satellite image that they said belonged to the train.

The "Ghost Nazi Train", which came on the agenda with officials in Walbrzych last month, declaring that two people applied to them through their lawyers on a lost train full of gold, continues to engage the world public. Liechter, who made extensive statements for the first time, confirmed that he first discovered the train. Hiding their identity until now, the couple stated that they have disclosed their identity in order to prove their claims are true.

"We have clear evidence of the train, which we discovered with our own resources, equipment and abilities and witnessed," said Koper. The duo also released the first image of the train. It was stated that the image was taken 50 meters under the ground with the help of radar, which is capable of viewing underground and sending three-dimensional photos.

Tadeusz Slowikowski, a retired miner, 85, who has been working underground for a long time in the area, also announced that Koper and Liechter visited him and said they had found the train. Slowikowski, who stated that he was the first to bring the lost Nazi train in Walbrzych in the late 1950s, claims that he saved a German attacked while working on the train tracks under construction, and in return, the German named Schulz told him about the location of the train. . Slowikowski keeps his works in a secret archive in the bank, as the maps and sketches he obtained have overcome the risk of being stolen many times.

The Nazi train, which attracts treasure buffs and many tourists to the region, has already gained a brand feature. Mass gold-shaped chocolates, inspired by the treasure thought to be on the train, began to be sold in Walbrzych, Poland. Enthusiasts, who come to visit the region, show great interest in Nazi gold themed chocolates as souvenirs.

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