FIATA Diploma Training Begins

The FIATA Diploma Training Begins: The FIATA Diploma Training to be Organized by UTİKAD starts with the cooperation of İstanbul Technical University Continuing Education Center!

FIATA Diploma Programs to be organized by UTIKAD for mid-senior executives and executive candidates who wish to expand their professional knowledge to world standards with the entrepreneurs who aim to expand their range of services, and with the cooperation of Istanbul Technical University Continuing Education Center (ITUSEM), 3 October 2015 will start on Saturday.

which is the largest nonprofit organization in the logistics sector worldwide International Transport Affairs of the Federation of Promoters Association (FIATA) Diploma training program is the first of its kind in Turkey with the aim and content. This training to be held in Turkey, in 2014 fıata the jurisdiction UTIKAD prepare the training program was the result of meticulous work.

Trainings will be at ITU

An agreement was signed between the International Transport and Logistics Service Producers Association (UTIKAD) and Istanbul Technical University (SEM). At the signing ceremony UTIKAD General Manager Cavit Ugur and Istanbul Technical University SEM President. Dr. Fuat Erdal stated that this cooperation is an important step for the logistics sector and the world of education. At the signing ceremony, İ.T.Ü. Industrial Eng. Faculty Member Asst. Dr. Murat BASKAK and UTİKAD Executive Vice President Özkay Özen were also present.

The trainings, which will be held between October 03, 2015 and June 18, 2016 and last 36 weeks in total, at the campus of Istanbul Technical University in Maçka, will be held in the company of experienced managers in the sector and academicians from the Department of Industrial Engineering of Istanbul Technical University.

In this training, in addition to theoretical information, the case studies will be carried out in this training where the responsibilities used in the logistics sector, related conventions and logistics companies will be covered according to their working areas. Participants will develop a culture of doing business at local and international standards through a holistic approach.

In the FIATA Diploma course, where practical information will also be transferred, the freight calculation includes; cost analysis; applications from the route planning to the use of documents in the sector will be covered in detail. Along with all modes of transport, including Road, Airway, Sea, Rail and Intermodal transportation, it also covers marketing-sales to customs; Almost all elements of logistics, from hazardous materials to insurance, will be transferred to the participants with sample applications in the 288 hour training program.

The training program, with a minimum of two years work experience in the logistics sector, will be held on Saturdays only once a week; In this way, the participants will not be separated from their jobs. Upon successful completion of the program, participants will be awarded with a FIATA Diploma from Switzerland and a Certificate of Logistics Expertise from İTÜSEM.
”Participants may have an 'FIATA Diploma' in International Validity“

UTIKAD President Turgut Erkeskin said his views on the FIATA Diploma Trainings are as follows;

Çok In many countries in the top place in the Logistics Performance Index, this training is provided for years. Therefore, thanks to this training will be given as a result of the initiatives we undertake as an association in Turkey which is valid in the world of Turkish logistics sector would have this degree at professionals. Participants will receive a valid FIATA Diploma at the end of the training and a valid international vocational qualification certificate in the total 160 country in which FIATA operates. Katılım

How to register?

3 Logistic professionals who wish to attend FIATA Diploma Trainings which will start in October, must apply for registration via e-mail address The application will be limited to the quota of the 25 personality only 30 September 2015 Wednesday on the last day to complete the registration in the FIATA Diploma training.

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