Two Train Collided in Elazığ With 5 Wagon Dropped 1 Locomotive (Video)

Two Trains Collide In Elazig 5 locomotives and 1 locomotive knocked down: An accident occurred in Elazig with the collision of freight trains and wagons that did not have a locomotive and were braked.

While the freight train engineers jumped from the train before the collision, 5 lorries and 1 locomotive were toppled. The 54019 train train numbered 5, under the direction of the mechanics Serdal Tekin and Turan Aydın, who took the chrome mine loaded from Muratbağı Station in Elazig to İskenderun, hit the wagons that did not have a locomotive and moved their brakes. Before the violent collision, the freight train engineers Serdal Tekin and Turan Aydın fled from the train while the locomotive of the freight train was overturned with XNUMX wagons in the collision. Luckily, the absence of passengers in trains prevented the disaster. While two machinists jumping off the train were slightly injured, they were taken to the hospital by an ambulance to the scene and were treated. Harun Fırat, the headman of Sanayi Mahallesi, who witnessed the accident, stated that two engineers jumped off the train before the collision and said, “When I saw that the freight train was constantly on horn, I looked back. The train was coming from the opposite direction. Just before the collision, the machinists on the freight train jumped and saved their lives. Then the two trains collided with great noise. ” Due to the accident, while the Elazig-Bingöl railway was closed to transportation, the work was started to lift the overturned wagons. The investigation into the accident continues.



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