Dursunbey-Tavşanlı Railway Line Closer to the End

The Dursunbey-Tavsanli Railway Line Is Approaching The End: The two-year railway expansion works between Dursunbey of Balikesir and Tavsanli counties of Kutahya have been reached.

Officials from the General Directorate of State Railways stated that the electrification and signaling systems of the Dursunbey-Tavsanli railway, which is located in the middle of the Izmir-Manisa-Balikesir-Kutahya-Eskisehir-Ankara line, are located in the middle of the 110 kilometer.

Stating that 2016 kilometers of the 110-kilometer section has been completely renewed on the road, which is planned to be put into service in January 32, the officials stated that freight trains are allowed to pass only on some weekends during the two-year studies.

It was stated that both the passengers and the cargoes would be transported more safely and quickly.

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  1. Sir, it would be good if this road ends as soon as possible. In addition, the electrical work of Bandırma-İzmir DY should be completed in a short time. As this road is over, the ankara izmir line should be opened, but the system should be İzmir Eskişehir integrated Eskişehir-ankara YHT. If the entire line is electrified, YHT must go to Izmir without a transfer, provided that the restrictions are complied with. Thus, the Ankara-İzmir line was opened without road construction. The time may be the same as the bus time, but the financing of the road that is under construction is already started to be provided. Also, a very important need is to be integrated with the YHT from Bandırma to the old city at night and Bandırma Balıkesir ankara line should be opened. this is an important need. Finally, a crazy project that will reach the Kapıkule over Tekirdağ by crossing the tunnel, preferably under the sea (which will include land and rail), should also be considered, as it is in Istanbul, from Balikesir or Bandırma to Çanakkale.