Bursa Kent Meydani Bus Station Tram Line New Contractor

Bursa Kent Meydani - Otogar tram line to the new contractor: Kent Square and the new tram line to connect the bus station will be made, was re-decided by the Metropolitan Municipality.

With the objection of rival company firma

The Public Procurement Authority (10), together with the best bidder in the 2 tender in June, annulled the company's participation.

In this case, the delay is on the agenda!

Serkan Tunçbilek, one of the owners of Ultra Teknoloji, contacted us and said, The tender is our right Ultra. Or Even if a case is filed by the rival, there is no obstacle for us to start the project because there will not be a possible negative decision, Sözler he says.

Later on İler

The corrected result of the tender was discussed among the proposals of Öztimur Yapı Project-Öztimur İnşaat, which is the other company of Ultra Teknoloji and Öztimurlar Group of Companies.

According to the new resolution, we have learned that Ultra Technology should undertake the project with its bid of 133 million 816 thousand TL. The rival bid is above the 4 million TL.

The new decision will be sent to 2. After this stage, the decision of the Public Procurement Authority will determine the final outcome.

KMN Construction, which has been removed from the tender won, will make an administrative appeal and a lawsuit will be opened in case of rejection.

The judicial process connects the course.

Source: Serkan İNCEOĞLU - www.bursahakimiyet.com.t is



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