Eurasia Tunnel: Repaired 106 meters Under the Sea

Eurasia Tunnel Motorcycle Pass Fee Announced
Eurasia Tunnel Motorcycle Toll Fee Announced

The Eurasia Tunnel, which connects the two sides of Istanbul under the seabed, was the scene of firsts in terms of the duties performed by the divers. The divers, who had saturation diving for the first time in Turkey and lived 106 meters under the Bosphorus for 15 days, also demonstrated how psychologically human limits can be challenged. One of the medical team, who was at the head of the team that repaired the digger by breathing nitrogen and helium, Prof. Dr. Akın Savaş Toklu's “We were on the edge.” His comment was the clearest summary of the subject.

After the 2008 was auctioned in 2014, the Eurasia Tunnel project started in April and the Asian and European continents were united under the sea floor. In addition to combining the continents, the machines used in the excavation and the other elements that supported this equipment were the first of the tunnel. In order to eliminate the curiosity of many people about the excavation under the sea floor, the project was carried out by Istanbul University (IU) Faculty of Medicine, Department of Underwater Medicine and Department of Hyperbaric Medicine. Dr. Akın Savas Toklu, Cihan News Agency (Cihan) told.

The tunnel (Tunnel Boring Machine) was used during the excavation of the tunnel. However, this machine required occasional maintenance and repair. In these cases, the diver was assigned to work in the field to re-operate the giant mole under high pressure. Toklu and his team carried out the responsibility of the health of this team. Due to the obligation to work under the pressure in the project they asked for medical support Toklu, Prof. Dr. Specialist Dr. Şamil Aktaş Bengüsu said that they work with Mirasoğlu.

Eurasia Tunnel Project, the first saturation diving application is made in Turkey, these dives in the submersible nitrogen and Yearling indicating helium they left, that dive is risky and that he requires to have psychological problems. Toklu emphasized the need to take precautions for divers working out at this depth for days. Gaz When people dive in the saturation, the gas they breathe is dissolved in the body. Everybody knows what the accent is. This limits the time spent under water. 90 meters are doing an hour work below but you are waiting for 5 hours to go out. People in this project were under pressure for the 16 day. 3 is in a tiny room. The boredom was that when they went out, they could only go out in the 4 and a half a day. Sık


Under the Bosphorus six divers working under difficult conditions Toklu, 16 during the day before the team lived in the capsule, he said. Pointing out that the divers, who spent all their time in that small capsule, had a great psychological effect, Toklu said, de They lie in that small room. The work time is still working with the capsule by going to the tip of the TBM machine. Sometimes it happened that they worked up to 7 hours per day. The situation inside is troubled. The man who comes in knows that he can't leave whenever he wants. There must be a sound psychology in the mental sense. It is a coincidence that the need for maintenance and repair was required at the deepest point in the 106 meter of Tunel. Ve Toklu, divers in the terrestrial environment with a large majority of the breathing devices are working with the occasional slurry, but also entered the time, stating that a Turkish diver in this project for the first time in the satüre.

Toklu describes themselves as “we were on thorns” while the divers were working. He also stressed that they provide 24-hour medical support. Stating that the operation was completed successfully, apart from minor setbacks, Toklu explained the solution the divers found against the problem of not being able to sleep due to not seeing the daylight: “There were people who demanded medication to sleep. We did not want to give medication because work could be done the next day. You give medicine, he may have to dive after an hour. That's why we tried to give them some plesabo drugs, actually giving them some sugar. ” Toklu stated that the opportunities provided by the employing company, Yapı Merkezi, at international standards play an important role in the success of the project.


The Turkish hero of the saturation dive in the tunnel is the Adana diver Hakan Özyürteri. Özyurteri, who completed his education in China and came to Istanbul for the tunnel project, is one of the 2 Turkish divers in the tunnel. Tunnel Özyürter sometimes stating that they had pressure chamber for 15 days, although the 15-year history of the saturation diving told me they had never done before in Turkey. Özyürteri stated that living under constant pressure makes people nervous, because it is a job that cannot handle even the slightest mistake. It requires a lot of attention. But as with everything, as long as you follow the rules, there is no problem. ” said.

In Our biggest danger is that we cannot go out when there is an accident under high pressure, ı said the experienced diver who reported minor accidents in his work in China, although not in the Eurasia Tunnel. Even if there was an emergency, we had to wait at least 3-5 days depending on the depth we were trying to get out of. “He said.

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