Akçaray tram line project in Turkey soon

Akçaray tram project in Turkey in the shortest line: Akçaray tram project is causing a lot of discussion during the project period, Turkey will go down in history as the shortest line. Here are the provincial tram line lengths

Our tram city was one of the important agenda items that had been on the agenda for almost every year since 10 year. So much so that even before the project was announced, the tram model was brought to our province and was illuminated by an extension cable. When the opposition repressed, the project came to the end, gave birth to the mountain mouse. It was announced by the Metropolitan that a line of 7 kilometers would be built. We compared the length of the tram line with other cities using rail systems. After all, ours was short.


rail mention of the leading provinces in Turkey, Istanbul. The total line length of the rail systems in Istanbul is 140 km. long. Zeytinburnu - Eminönü Tram Line 11,2 km., Taksim - 4. Levent Metro Line 8,5 km., Aksaray - Airport Tram Line 20,3 km., Edirnekapı - Sultançiftliği Habibler Tram Line 13,3 km., Kadıköy - Kartal Metro Line 21,7 km. Bus Station - Bağcılar Kirazlı - Başakşehir - Olimpiyatköy Metro Line 21,7 km. and Marmaray 13,5 km.


Ankaray 9 km., Ankara Metro 14,6 km., Çayyolu Kızılay Metro 16,5 km., Batıkent Sincan Metro 15,3 km. long. 20 km in Izmir. long subway. BursaRay 39 km., City Square Sculpture Line 6,5 km. and Zafer Plaza Çınarönü Line 2,2 km. long. Eskişehir EsTram's line length 45 km., Kayseri, Kayseri 34 km., Gaziantep GaziRay 26 km., Konya 20 km., Samsun tram 15,7 km., Adana metro 14 km ,. Antalya Antray is the 11 km. long. The length of Akçaray is only able to compete with connection lines.


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