Suspect Box Panic in Adana Train Station

Suspect Box Panic in Adana Train Station: The box that was forgotten under the bank in the train station in Adana caused a bomb panic.

The box forgotten under the bench at the train station in Adana caused a bomb panic. Passenger trains on the platform were withdrawn, the incoming trains were stopped far from the platform and passengers were evacuated.

According to information obtained, the incident occurred in the train station in the district of Seyhan. Private security guards 2 in the morning. he saw there was a box under the bench at the platform. Officers, when they checked the security camera records, found that a person had left the box after putting the box under the bank. When the box was checked with the detector, the signal was received.

Private security officials immediately reported the incident to the police. The police arrived at the scene and closed the entrance to the bus and instructed the passenger trains on the platform to get off before the time comes. Then the bomb disposal expert in his special outfit put the fuze in the box.

Meanwhile, another passenger train arrived in Adana. On this train, they were not approached to the platform and put on hold. After a while, the passengers were evacuated from the train in a controlled manner and removed from the station. The bomb disposal expert detonated the box with a detonator in a controlled manner. After the explosion, part of the bench shattered, and glue came out of the box. Police lifted the security lane and started taking passengers into the station.

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