The railway station in Budapest was closed due to the influx of asylum seekers

In Budapest, the train station was closed due to the influx of asylum seekers: The Hungarian police, who stopped the visa control for asylum-seekers, decided to close the Eastern Train Station in Budapest, where thousands of refugees flocked.

Hungarian authorities closed the Eastern Station, one of the most important train stations in Budapest, which was flooded by refugees this morning. The police called on thousands of refugees waiting to board the trains to leave the station.

As Deutsche Welle quoted from the Hungarian official news agency MTI, the police did not pass asylum-seekers who took international trains to Austria or Germany yesterday. Thereupon, the refugees in the city flocked to the train station. When the number of people in the station increased in a short time, the police decided to evacuate the station this time, citing security.

It is stated that 2 thousand asylum seekers arrive at the train station in Budapest this morning and line up to take the trains that will go to Germany or Austria. The police did not allow asylum-seekers to board the train, increasing their identity checks in front of the station. Soon after, the station was completely shut down. It is reported that nearly 2 thousand asylum-seekers are waiting to go to Western European countries in Budapest. .

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