Söke Train Station restoration work begins

Söke Railway Station restoration works are starting: TCDD Söke Railway Station, AK Party Aydın Deputy Mehmet Sadık Atay, who took initiatives for restoration and landscaping, gave the good news that 2015 million 1 thousand TL has been allocated for the project and the restoration will end in 300.
Stating that the restoration and landscaping of the TCDD Söke Train Station turned into a snake story, AK Party Aydın Deputy Mehmet Sadık Atay said that they achieved a positive result.


Stating that 1 million 300 thousand TL has been allocated for use in the project this year, Atay said, “The TCDD Regional Directorate for the Restoration and Landscaping of TCDD Söke Railway Station, which will radically change the face of Söke, asked the General Directorate for the tender. However, we held talks for the completion of the project in Ankara as soon as possible, predicting that the TCDD General Directorate's board of directors would resign due to the election and the formation of a new board. As a result of our negotiations, we have made 1 million 300 thousand lira appropriation to be used in the project for this year. If there is no problem, the project will be completed in 2016 and will start providing services.


Atay explained the facilities to be included in the project and said, “Söke Train Station is at a point that can be considered as the center of the city. As of now, all of our registered buildings except the station building are empty and idle. The number of buildings to be restored is 11, the total area of ​​the buildings to be restored is 2 square meters 700, and the open area to be landscaped is 2 thousand square meters. The functions to be gained by empty and idle buildings are also the old loading way, love road, bicycle and running tracks, hangar building, organic products and handicraft center, warehouse building, touristic bazaar, drawback warehouse building, city museum, restaurant, cafeteria, culture house and social facility. These facilities have already spoken to Aydın, and then to Söke.



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